30 Lovely And Functional Bedroom Office Ideas To Steal

Everyone seems to be working from home nowadays, and if you don’t know where to squeeze your small home office nook, I’d advise your bedroom. A bedroom office is one of the most popular ideas as it saves space and as people who use makeup can use the desk as a vanity – even more functionality! Let’s take a look at some ideas that may inspire you to organize such an office in your bedroom.
If you have enough space, you might want to separate the sleeping and working zone. This can be done just visually taking a far corner from the bed, or even with some screen or space divider, maybe even sliding doors inside the room. This is especially important if you spend much time int this room, you won’t get tired of seeing all the same and will have a separation of relax and work time. If your bedroom is tiny, then you may go for a windowsill desk, a floating desk, a folding one or a sleek and narrow desk. It can also be a retracting desk hidden inside your bed or a storage unit. Your desk can also double as a nightstand if…

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