These days, many of us are spending more time thinking about how we dress our tables than how we dress ourselves. At the start of lockdown, Laura Jackson started a movement called #makeamealofit, where she encouraged us all to cherish dinner time, whether we are isolating alone, with friends or with family. It’s all about making our evening meals an event to look forward to at the end of the day—taking the time to put down our phones (after taking a tablescape picture, of course), eating something delicious and bringing out those plates or wine that you’d usually only save for fancy occasions. 

The pictures that she reposts every day show that people are taking as much time putting together their tablescapes as they are preparing their actual dinners. The pictures of beaches and brunches on Instagram have been replaced with pictures of table settings that look like works of art. If you are inspired to upgrade your at-home dining experience, keep scrolling for our guide to how to transform the table in your front room into the fanciest joint in town.

From candlesticks to linens, these 30 items will make any meal feel a little more special, whether you’re tucking into something you’ve slaved over for hours or an oven pizza. 

If you like to keep things classic, stick to a blue-and-white colour scheme for a Riviera feel. 

Do like the Italians do and layer bold-printed plates and stick to oranges, blues and yellows. 

Pink and green is a colour combination that we keep seeing on stylish tables during lockdown. 

For a more effortless look, opt for a neutral colour palette and linens. 

Danish influencers have been going for a more cutesy look with sugary pastels and floral prints. 

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