You might think things like the bedding or the lampshades are trivial and don’t really matter in the context of a bedroom’s interior design and decor. Actually, it’s the little things that matter the most in a lot of cases and while simply ignoring them wouldn’t seem like a big deal, giving them a little bit of attention can turn out to have a big impact in the ambiance of the space. Let’s say you’re decorating a nursery or a child’s room. There are a ton of cool and cute options when it comes to both boys’ bedding and girls’ bedding. Today we’re focusing on the latter.

Pink bedding is the first thing that comes to mind so we’ll check out some of the options available in online shops. Let’s start with this set with floral patterns and polka dots which we found on Amazon. It shows that floral patterns are timeless and can be really cute in the right context. Check out all the details before ordering.

The line of pink bedding sets continues with another great Amazon find. This time the cozy quilt has lovely owls and cute little birds on it and the pillowcases feature a nice patchwork design which blends several different colors and patterns.

Speaking of several different patterns mixed together, check out this cute girls’ bedding set which plays with stripes, cute little flowers and tiny hearts. Pink and white and the main colors but there’s also a little bit of green and some blue in there as well which helps create a very pleasant contrast.

What could possibly be more girly than pink bedding with hearts on it? Check out how cozy this quilt looks. It’s lightweight but warm and it also has a little bit of rustic charm visible in the overall design and the chosen patterns. The design doesn’t really follow a specific theme and in a way that makes it pretty versatile. Find out more about this product on Amazon.

What about butterflies? They’re cute too. We really like this cozy girls’ bedding set and it’s not all due to the butterflies. We like how soft this shade of pink is and how the butterfly theme is mixed with florals for a fresh and charming look. As before, you can find this set on Amazon.

Ladybugs are my favorites. They’re really cute despite being merciless carnivores so let’s just focus on their adorable side. The pink and green color combo is a really nice choice considering the theme.

It’s now time to talk about the elephant in the room. By that we actually mean elephant. Check out this pink bedding set and its lovely pastel colors and patchwork design. It seems like a really nice choice for a girl’s nursery room.

Is your little princess dreaming to become a ballerina? Fuel her dream with this pink bedding set. It’s a three-piece set made of 100% cotton. The quilt is soft and plushy and there are plenty of accessories to match it with, including ballerina accent pillows. You can get this on Amazon.

Brighten the bedroom with this pink bedding set which blends butterflies, florals and hearts in a nice patterns with white and pastel green accents. The set can be ordered on Amazon and includes a quilt and two standard shams.

There’s something about this bedding set that we find particularly charming. It has to do with the faded colors, the grey accents and the pattern and texture which suggest a certain rustic influence. The design features soft orchid purple and pink accents with grey highlights on a white background.

Let’s also check out some girls’ bedding with brighter and more vibrant colors, like this one. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the pattern is the same as for the previously mentioned set. The main difference here is the color palette which is more vivid, making the pattern clear and eye-catching.

I don’t know about you but I think owls are really cute. Sure, they’re a big creepy too but look how adorable this bedding set is. How could you not love it? It’s a complete set with comforter, sham, a pink sheet and pillowcases featuring fun owls and sunflowers on them. This is yet another great find from Amazon.

When choosing the bedding you should also consider the bedroom’s overall decor and ambiance. There’s has to be balance between all the different elements. Of course, some bedding sets are pretty versatile, like this multicolor one for example. The flower-themed design could match a floral wallpaper pattern but you could also just consider the colors involved.

Abstract patterns and designs can be fun and cheerful too, as exemplified by this bedding set. It’s an eight-piece set composed on a comforter, two shams, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, two pillowcases and a decorative pillow. The pattern blends several motifs and several different colors and the result in a cheerful rainbow look.

Create a pleasant and positive atmosphere in the room with this peace and love girls’ bedding set. Its design revolves around the peace, love and freedom themes featuring vibrant patterns with hearts and flowers and a mixture of turquoise, pink, purple and the occasional green accents. The set can be found on Amazon and includes a comforter, a standard sham, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a standard pillowcase.

This toddle bedding set blends forest cuteness with geometric patterns in a design that’s well-balanced, chic and quite sweet. The set is composed of a double-sided comforter with funky patterns on either side, a flat top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet and a double-sided pillowcase which again combines fun patterns. Available on Amazon.

It’s super soft and plushy and it looks really lovely. This pink bedding set from Amazon is not just for the cold season but for all year around use. It will keep your princess cozy and comfortable, ensuring a soothing sleeping experience. It’s a three-piece set that lacks funky patterns and multicolor prints but looks funky and fun nevertheless.

This three-piece Greta bedding set combines soft pastels and vibrant hues in a single lovely and eye-pleasing design which also puts together a series of different patterns including stripes and polka dots. All-in-all, the design is fresh and cute and the sturdy cotton construction ensures long-lasting beauty.

Although it’s not pink, this girls’ bedding set manages to be cute and delicate in other ways, more specifically through its butterfly pattern which combined with the purple and blue coloring gives the set a pretty vibrant look. Like all the other products we mentioned so far.

On one hand the Cassiel Home Anna bedding set is simple and features a two-color design which could mean a rather boring and generic look. On the other hand, it has those cute pom-poms which really cheer up the design and make the whole set stand out in a funky way. 

The doodled circles on this bedding set remind us of globe lampshades made of yarn. The pattern is rather simple and the colors include pink, teal, purple and black on a white background but that’s just the front. The back features a polka dot pattern. Everything is reversible so have fun playing with the patterns and the colors.

We really like the type of bedding that doesn’t overdo it with colors or patterns but manages to stand out and to be interesting in other ways. For example, this pink bedding set from Here has a monochromatic design but is not boring thanks to the cute pom-pom trim with is very cute without overpowering the design.

What could suit a little princess better than a royal bedding set with a pattern of crowns and hearts? This Dream Factory bedding set might just be perfect in that sense? It features a lovely purple tone and a cute design.

A ruffled design makes the Mizone Morgan bedding set stand out from all the others we showed you so far. Apart from that, the polka dot pattern is very cute too plus it gives the set a timeless and versatile look.

Perhaps a mermaid print would appeal to your little princess better. There’s really very little pink in the design but the pastel blue suits the whole mermaid-themed design better. The scalloped pattern featured on the back of the duvet cover and on the pillowcases is nice too.

Here’s another ruffled bedding set, this time pink. There’s no pattern on the back or on the pillowcases but the ruffles are enough to make this set look funky, charming and girly. The design is both simple and interesting at the same time.

How about a woodland-themed bedding set? There are a lot of ways in which this can turn out incredibly cute and one of the options is the Cliab set featured in this image. It combines a diversity of colors and a forest animal-themed pattern with deers and rabbits.

While soft pastels and ruffles may be cute for toddlers, a teen girl’s bedroom needs something a bit more funky so perhaps this bedding set would do. It features a black and white zebra print on mixed with a love-themed heart pattern. The colors are strong and vibrant.

There’s another stylish girls’ bedding set that we like to show you. It’s a Sweet Jojo set and it features a blush pink floral design that’s actually pretty chic and versatile. The colors are soft but the design doesn’t lack character.

The last product we want to show you today is another Sweet Jojo bedding set. This time the design features a woodland-themed pattern with a lovely patchwork look. It’s fresh, clean and delicate, just what a girl’s bedroom needs.

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