A figure of mortal dread since time immemorial, the executioner stands apart from his fellow man, a solitary angel of death and masked embodiment of our deepest fears.

But who IS the executioner?

The archetypal villain of our nightmares or misunderstood man following orders to survive?

Regardless of how you view him, the executioner is a fascinating figure with a personalized message for each and every one of us.

It would be easy to dismiss the executioner tattoo as a kind of threat in ink; a bully’s message to the world that all who see him should run for their lives. But you know better. You view the executioner, axe raised and masked face grim, as a reminder that death is always nearby, and pardons neither the king nor beggar, thief nor nobleman. The executioner is justice’s henchman, and just as we can’t shoot the messenger, neither can we fault him for the role he has accepted. Your tattoo executioner is your Jiminy Cricket of the darker variety; an unlikely voice of reason and warning to stay the course, or suffer grave consequences.

Your executioner tattoo may frighten some, but others will instantly understand its true meaning. Few fear what they understand, and those who sympathize with the executioner understand the man behind the mask. Death may come to us all, wrongful and righteous alike, but perhaps he is just a man like us after all?


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