Explore the gallery with false ceiling design to discover many ideas for remodeling your sleeping sanctuary. Catchy, versatile, modern and very stylish! Hung below the structural ceilings, the ‘dropped’ ones serve for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Initially, they were artifices to hide the building infrastructure – piping and wiring – by creating a free area above the false ceilings. Thus, you could easily have access for repairs and inspections. However, suspended ceilings can also be useful to cover problems such as structural damages. They are available in various colors and materials, and they feature intelligent fixing systems. Moreover, they beautifully complement contemporary interiors with exquisite finishing.

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False ceiling design innovation

For many years, false ceiling design featured basic white tiles, but present day innovations offer a wide range of solutions in sizes, colours, materials, visual effects and shapes. Not only their look has improved, but also the way they work. For example, a ceiling grid that can carry low-voltage electrical current has been on the market since 2010.

Acoustics balance and control

Are you concerned about acoustics? False ceilings are perfect if you want to improve the qualities of a room. Having sound absorption systems incorporated, their performance improved a lot during the years. Although people do not pay attention to this, a noisy room can overstimulate the inhabitants. On the other hand, a space that is too quite becomes unwelcoming.

Integration and fluidity

We are frequently asked whether false ceilings come with integration systems. Indeed, they do. Since most of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are above them, they are now designed with this integration scheme in mind. Moreover, alternative energy devices, such as solar panels or fuel cells, produce power that feed the system directly.

Highly sound-absorbent

Are your neighbors noisy? Then a false ceiling with a highly sound-absorbent material attached will solve the problem. Taking into consideration that quiet design has a decisive effect on the inhabitants, manufacturers worked on this part too. The use of materials with a noise reduction coefficient of 80% or higher has increased.

In this bedroom, the false ceiling complements the overall design. Made of wood, the panel above marks the sleeping area, while also offering space for lighting. To boost the natural feeling, add king size vases with flowers and allow natural light come inside as much as possible.

A white ceiling pairs very well with a nude design. In this room, all the colors blend smoothly, creating a calming effect. The essential theme of this bedroom relies on symmetry. The space is well-proportioned, thus reflecting harmony and stability. 

Coffee and milk, in a bedroom that feels intimate and cozy

A modern fireplace makes this room wonderful. I like the dressing behind those transparent gliding doors – it adds dynamism and a rainbow of colors to the room.

Grey is not my first option in a bedroom, but I would try it once in a lifetime. All you have to do is to sweeten its coolness a little bit. Paintings, sculptures, bedside lamps, photos – they can be the colorful spots of the room.

A dressing with floor to ceiling transparent doors looks very stylish in a contemporary bedroom. The only flaw is that you have to keep everything tidy not to add chaos to the room.

The false ceiling offers space for lighting spots.

If space permits, transform the area near the window into a conversational point or a reading corner. With two armchairs and a low level table, the bedroom becomes more functional. This way, you will have a private space for discussions or reading in your own sanctuary. Moreover, bedrooms that only feature a bare bed are monotone.   

I do not know the owner, but I can bet he is an artist. The large painting overlooking the bed became the focal point of the room. A huge plus – windows on both sides of the room. 

Are you planning an all-white interior? Then a plus would be to benefit from a great source of natural light! It makes the room bright and welcoming. Complement the room with paintings, photos and colorful bed side table.

Decorate with dry branches if you are a fan of the lazy winter walks.

A masculine interior with posters, toys, magazines and a guitar

The false ceiling offers support for lighting spots

To mark the sleeping area, build a niche behind the bed. You will use the space for exhibiting souvenirs, books and decorations.

With power run through the ceiling grid, lighting changes and moves can be made without rewiring entire sections of the house.

Paneled with wood? Why not! It looks very welcoming.

A bedroom with a view. The entire city displays right near your bed, offering splendid views.

This cozy bedroom in the attic features a large comfy bed, modern bookshelves and a low level table with a TV set.