Are you wondering about how you could launch your living room to the top rung of the trend ladder? What about removing the ceiling and creating a double height living room? This style is fabulous, fashionable and functional. What’s more is that the entire world is quickly falling in love with this ingenious trend. This technique will do more than make your living room utterly remarkable, it will also add depth and dimension to the rest of the house. Clearing up the space above will open up the entire room as well as open up your mind to all the endless possibilities. Take the plunge; have a look.

Visualizer: Dattran   

The designer of this first living room utilizes glass panels in golden frames to create a unique and sophisticated accent wall that stretches up to the ceiling. The living room looks more spacious and the top floor’s windows add to the room’s natural light.

Visualizer: Andrew Chiniakov  

This house is smaller than the first, but the high ceiling and large windows allow for the illusion of space. Due to the extra space thanks to the high ceiling, the designer was able to add a stylish mounted bookshelf.

Visualizer: Lai Yanan   

The floorboards match the ceiling, the only difference is that the ceiling is white, creating a pleasant blend. The monochromatic color palette makes for a pleasing aesthetic, while the ladder leading to the top floors is modern and trendy.

Visualizer: ILYA Derkach  

A print of a tree graces the large space by the staircase, this adds depth to the room and ties all the organic elements together.

Visualizer: Jarek Banas  

Small apartment? No problem, double height living rooms allow you to decorate for an apartment twice it’s size.

Visualizer: Yaroslav Serdyuk  

The double height in this living room was used to add a literal accent wall into the room. This gives privacy from the outside, but allows the homeowners to enjoy the 3-D view given by the glass walls.

Visualizer: Real Home  

A problem that often occurs with double height living rooms is that sometimes the upper and lower spaces look disjointed. This designer expertly used wooden elements to join the two spaces, creating a unified room that works well with all the different elements. The warm wooden panels mesh well with room’s furniture, especially the scandinavian chairs and exposed windows.

Visualizer: Constantin Radulov  

Wooden slats were used to create an exclusive accent walls that are sure to make all the homeowner’s guests green with envy.

This living room is spectacular, and this largely due to the windows, that make up an accent wall all on their own.

Visualizer: Omneia Zahran  

This living room is edgy and sophisticated. The grey walls make it look like one giant room, while the colorful furniture create a cozy and stylish area.

Visualizer: Vasiliy Nagaev  

In this room, the designer made masterful use of the house’s unique structure to create a visually stunning area. The double height living room allows this vision to be fully realized, removing the hindrance of a traditional ceiling.

Visualizer: Bruno Bastos  

In this intellectual haven, the scholarly bibliophile can retreat to an organic reading paradise. The raised ceiling allowing the lush houseplants to grow as far as the homeowner allows.

Visualizer: Victoria Chimakadze  

This double height living room turns the entire home into an open plan space, and the effect is brilliant.

Architect: Bernard Khoury   
Designer: Cleer Studio  

What better way to warm up an industrial style loft than to replace an entire wall with glass and remove a ceiling to let the sun in?

Source: Elliman  

This double height penthouse living room looks fit for royalty. Thanks to the deep, rich colors, spacious interior and sheer luxury.

Visualizer: Arturo Hermenegildo  

An eclectic blend of color and styles were joined in this living room to create a delightful space that’s doubly pleasing.

Sometimes, there’s such a beautiful feature outside the house, that you need to remove a ceiling and open an entire wall so that you can fully enjoy it’s beauty. In this home, a large panel door was installed so that the homeowner could have a constant view of the world’s best artist: natural scenery.

Visualizer: Arkadiy Skorokhodov  

This house is allowed to realize it’s full potential thanks to the opening of the two floors. The front wall has been removed and replaced with glass panels to introduce the green surroundings. While the triangular ceiling has been brought to the fore, gracing the entire house instead of being hidden, only viewed by those on the second floor.

Architect: Pitsou Kedem Architects  

This thoroughly organic living room is crafted to perfection, without a height limit restricting the designer’s creative genius. This living room has everything that the sophisticated homeowner needs- Organic components? Check. Comfortable reading spot? Check. Sleek design? Check!

Architect: Anton Kostetskiy  

A larger than normal artwork embellishes this wall, while a charming chandelier hangs down with no danger of someone accidently bumping their heads. The sky is the limit with double height living rooms!

Architect: Eric Miller  

Instead of the traditional wall, panels of glass have been used to shelter the home from the elements. This allows the homeowner to have a constant view of the ocean. If this were a regular sized living room then the view would’ve been significantly impacted, by thanks to an ingenious architect, you don’t just have the sea, you have the entire vista.

Architect: Golovach Tatiana and Andrey Kot  

The higher ceiling gives this otherwise cramped living room a new lease on life. The extra space is subtly taken up by a geometric light fixture that prevents the space from looking empty and unfinished.

Visualizer: Romas Noreika  

This amazing loft uses the double height technique to showcase the gorgeous view. Exposed beams on the ceiling make for an industrial type accent, while a bouquet-type industrial light fixture adds raw sophistication.

Visualizer: Deniz Atli  

From the exposed pipes to concrete floors- this living room is completely industrialized. The double height walls reminiscent of large factories. Although, this is the most stylish factory we’ve ever seen.

Visualizer: Deniz Atli  

Another advantage of a double height living room is the fact that the extra space allows you to showcase artworks that normally wouldn’t fit in your living room. It also gives you more space to decorate without cluttering the room.

Visualizer: Lai Pháp  

Intricate spherical chandeliers look delicately beautiful against the world class view that graces this living room. The double height room allowing the view to be fully enjoyed.

Visualizer: 747 Studios PHOTOGRAPHY & CGI  

Large french windows allow the surrounding scenery to become part of the decor, while the high ceiling makes the room look fresh and airy. Almost as though you can enjoy the fresh country air without having to go outside.

Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski  

This is a bookworm’s dream. The extra space allows for a tall bookshelf with ample space for a large collection of books. The white ceilings and light color scheme makes the house seem bigger than it really is.

Visualizer: Dian Maulidi  

The ceiling is a crisp white, while the walls all have unique aspects that work together to create a magnificent space.

Visualizer: Big Nose  

This looks like an ordinary living room, thanks to the large photograph that ties the spaces together and draws the eye upwards. Love this room? Want to see more?

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