30 Coolest Hidden Kitchen Hood Ideas To Steal

A kitchen hood is a must for a kitchen where you cook often, and an vent hood that looks all different isn’t a popular idea now, an up-to-date kitchen hides its hood right in sight making it sleek and elegant. How to hide it with style?
Hidden Hoods
A hidden hood means that it’s covered with a cabinet or something very matching the cabinetry, sometimes so well that you will have hard time finding it. Such a cabinet can be just decor or it can feature some storage space if you want it. A good idea is ordering such a piece beforehand when you are choosing kitchen cabinets though you may try to do it later, too, just order a matching one. It can be also a panel over the cooker that hides the hood and makes the kitchen look more chic and cooler – that’s another idea to hide the piece easily. Adding a panel is a cool way to incorporate a new and luxurious material to give the kitchen more chic.

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