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A living wall, or vertical garden, is a collection of wall-mounted plants. Vertical wall gardens are the latest trend in home design and are the perfect way to bring a bit of the outdoors in.

Living walls are not only beautiful but great for the air quality of your home, thanks to the plants that adorn them. According to NASA, plants filter toxins and improve air quality. Besides turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, live plants also absorb harmful VOCs, formaldehyde and benzene, which are off-gassed by fabrics, home fragrance products, rugs, cigarettes and plastic.

When creating a wall or vertical garden, think about how much sun and water the plant will need. Lower maintenance plants such as succulents, ferns and low ground covers are good candidates.

Here are some of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor living wall designs for creating your own vertical garden:

Vertical gardens for the bath

bathroom living wall - freshome.com

Greenery behind the tub adds a dramatic nature-spa effect. Image: Siol Studios

vertical garden ideas for the bath - freshome.com

A wall of vibrant green moss works well with the black soapstone tub and zinc frame. Image: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Modern living wall ideas for a stairwell

a stairwell indoor living wall - freshome.com

Very fine framed boxwood adds a unique touch to the hard-to-work-with space of this stairwell. Image: Peter A. Sellar

colorful indoor living walls - freshome.com

Color and texture are highlighted by using various leaf shapes and colors in this interior vertical garden wall. Image: Stephen Fletcher Architects

Strikingly geometric living wall gardens

Contemporary wall gardens - freshome.com

The clean, striped pattern created with succulents and grasses adds to the contemporary look of this wall. Image: Seasons Landscaping

colorful living wall ideas - freshome.com

A unique and colorful living garden wall featuring fluid shapes. Image: Seasons Landscaping

colorful geometric plant wall - freshome.com

Nothing but drought-resistant succulents create the green backdrop of this terrace. Image: Urban Landscape

Living walls for the pool area

swimming pool vertical garden - freshome.com

A colorful and textured vertical wall garden adds some life to this Miami modern home. Image: Eco Pacheco

hanging planters for a vertical garden - freshome.com

A groovy, wall mounted box garden adds some fun to this Midcentury style pool area. Image: My Verandah

A minimalist, green living wall

green living walls - freshome.com

This zen space for mediation in New York is enhanced by the eco-friendly wall of living plants. Image: MNDFL Studio

Vertical garden ideas for a kitchen

a wall of living plants - freshome.com

The industrial chic design of this open kitchen-dining area gets some extra warmth with the wall of living plants. Image: Design Vision

kitchen herb wall planter - freshome.com

A hanging wall plant like this one from GroVert can add a bit of living wall design to a smaller space or apartment. Image: GroVert Living Wall Planters

A striking, vertical living work of art

Colorful vertical garden - freshome.com

A variety of colorful and variegated-leaf plants in a boxed frame are the centerpiece of this home’s atrium. Image: Subu Design and Architecture

Living room live green wall ideas

Modern living wall ideas - freshome.com

The vertical garden in this Denver living room flows seamlessly with the rest of the home’s LEED Platinum design. Image: re.dzine

Living wall ideas for creating a vertical garden - freshome.com photo: http://www.myhomedesign.fr

Family-friendly, cheerful and contemporary style complete with a fresh, green wall of live plants. Image: My Home Design

a green living wall garden -freshome.com

A contemporary basement living room that incorporates a vertical living wall adds life to the subterranean space. Image: Obbard

Architectural exterior wall gardens

exterior plant wall - freshome.com

Contemporary architecture highlighted by a large, corner living wall. Image: Buchmann Design

hanging planter wall - freshome.com

A small, contemporary home accented by a wall-mounted vertical garden. Image: Matt Gibson Architecture & Design

modern home living wall - freshome.com

A wall of greenery continues the garden’s design onto the small guest house’s main exterior wall. Image: eDen Garden Rooms

Outdoor living wall ideas

Outdoor living eco friendly wall mounted plants - freshome.com

Outdoor living that blends garden and interior design. Image: Studio Sprout

vertical wall garden outdoors - freshome.com

A low-maintenance terrace that still manages to include greenery and plants that require little care. Image: Randle Siddeley

outdoor hanging wall gardens - freshome.com

A wall-mounted living wall adds contemporary botanical design to this outdoor patio. Image: Urban Oasis Landscape Design

Modern vertical gardens for the dining room

wall planter made of pallets - freshome.com

A cool, industrial-style loft features a living wall made with recycled pallets. Image: Martin Architects

Indoor wall garden - freshome.com

Walls of easy-to-grow Pothos can be created with a planter and a wall-mounted trellis that the vines can grow vertically on. Image: Alisa and Lysandra Interiors

Succulent hanging wall planter for the bedroom

Framed vertical garden - freshome.com

A framed living wall box serves as the centerpiece in the coastal-style bedroom. Image: Elise Som

A home office featuring a wall-mounted garden

indoor wall garden - freshome.com

Dual vertical gardens were created using rectangular wall pots mounted at an angle. Image: Hisbalit

Boxed living wall planters you can make yourself

Framed wall garden - freshome.com

You can create a DIY hanging succulent garden using a shallow crate, chicken wire to hold the soil and plants and a selection of succulents. Image: Flora Grubb Gardens

wall hung succulents - freshome.com

A recycled driftwood frame around the living wall box mirrors the garden’s concrete planters. Image: Singing Gardens

modern framed vertical garden - freshome.com

An oversized hanging wall garden adds some design interest to an ordinary cedar fence. Image: Glenna Partridge Garden Design

a boxed style living wall garden - freshome.com

A creative way to make your own living wall involves painting old wooden window shutters and converting them into shallow boxers for plants to grow vertically in. Image: Lila B. Design

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