Do you look at the world in black and white? Usually that can be a bad thing, but in interior design, it is a very good thing. Monochrome doesn’t mean boring, when expertly applied, this design concept can be executed in a manner that brings a living room to life. There are countless ways to use these colors in a way that is interesting and engaging. We have gathered thirty living rooms that display this to perfection and incorporates this color palette in different ways. Do you see the world in black and white (and a few shades of grey)? Make your vision a reality, and have fun!

Visualizer: Ahmed Alsayed  

The first living room on our list showcases our point to perfection; it is visually appealing and sophisticated without a riot of color. The double height living room relies on black and white elements- and it works! The walls are a pristine white while the furniture is black. A patterned rug and pillows add dimension to the room, while black interspersed with neat white lines makes for a beautiful room.

Visualizer: Jakub Komrska  

This room incorporates shades of grey into its color palette. This room is relatively smaller, and the monochrome colors make it seem more spacious and homely. A black marble accent wall behind a modern fireplace is a unique twist on the classic chimney, while the expressive paintings on the wall make the room look interesting. The wooden floor subtly enhances the monochrome colors by being a bit of a contrast.

Visualizer: Juraj Talcik  

Obviously inspired by vintage glamour, the next living room boasts stylish white crown moulded walls and fabulously glamorous white chandelier, all trying behind a bold black sofa to create a room that pays homage to some classic design techniques. A bouquet of red roses adds color to the room without ruining the effect.

Designer: Mayelle  

Here, the designers focused on the lighter side of life. With white living room furniture and a black accent half-wall that is a base to the room. The tropical tone of the wooden floor prevents the room from being overwhelming and the Scandinavian style chairs add an aura of modern comfort.

Architect: Mario Martins Atelier  

When your living room has a view such as this one, you don’t try and compete, you complement. This monochromatic haven is beautifully designed and understated in a way that is charmingly elegant. It does not detract from the view; rather it is a complement of the stunning natural beauty.

Visualizer: aTng 糖  

This apartment is smaller than the previous ones that we looked at, and lacks a breathtaking view, but this homey apartment makes up for that in stylish comfort. Dark walls and a cosy looking sofa make for a lovely home to come back to after a difficult day, while a veritable indoor garden is a breath of fresh air that ties into the decor and gives it life.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Simplicity is key. There is nothing worse than a room that is overdone and obnoxious. This room proves that you can have a stylish living room and you don’t need much to accomplish that.

Visualizer: Alena Bulataya   

By using black and white living room decor, you’re opening yourself up to an unexplored world of wonder. The room is bold and beautiful; from the black brick wall and grey undertones it just oozes style and class. The large window gives off an urban loft aura while the white and black furniture is classic and defined.

Visualizer: Inuti  

Minimalistic and monochromatic go hand in hand. The point of minimalism is to create an aesthetically pleasing that doesn’t need much. This living room is proof that such a feat is possible. The room is striking and worldly, but still simple and minimalistic.

Designer: Lera Katasonova  

Our next living room is ultra modern. The light fixtures are geometric and aesthetically pleasing, while the art work on the wall adds a fun splash of colour that enlivens the room. The designer took a simple bookshelf to the next level by simply surrounding it with a black frame, the books themselves adding their own colorful flair.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

You can’t go too wrong with palette furniture. It is simple, functional and oh so stylish. When combined with the sleek light fixtures, the room has a subtle industrial undercurrent that adds depth to the room.

Visualizer: Oporski Architektura  

Forget accent wall, this room has a bona fide accent floor! Paired with the ongoing grey theme and LED lighting the room is marvel of design that doesn’t need much to shine the way it does.

Visualizer: Monika Siwińska  

To make the room look bigger, the designer used a crisp white wall. Then, in a stroke of genius- made everything else white too. A large black sofa and a few black ornaments are a dramatic contrast, while a grey carpet provides a solid base and relieves some of the contrast.

Designer: Geometrix  

Speaking of dramatic contrasts, this living room is full of them. Combined this room is a pleasure to return home to and just relax with the evening newspaper or sit back and survey your kingdom.

Designer: Geometrix  

Glass, mirrors and lights are all key features to the design in this living room. Forget traditional lighting, this living room employs geometric patterns and LED lighting to illuminate its various design features. The room is an ideal place to host guests, with the large couch and stunning visuals.

Source: 3D Allusions   

How do you add depth to your living room? Why not add 3-D wallpaper? It will bring the space to life and make for a spectacular accent wall!

Designer: Atmosphere Interior Design  

With monochromatic color palettes, there is usually space for one or two bold colors that look interesting; this designer used black, white and gold to create a chic, luxurious living room.

Visualizer: Mai Elhossiny  

Organic elements are a marvellous way of opening up a room and softening a monochromatic color scheme. If your living room design feels too harsh, use a few subtle natural components to break through and soften the entire room. It works like a charm!

Source: Entrance  

The aim of this design was to create a cosy retreat in a small urban apartment. The Scandinavian style interior does just that in stylish monochrome colors, and makes for a snug, yet charming home for any house owner.

Visualizer: Kseniia Tkachenko  

What comes to mind when you see this living room? Artistic? Contemporary? How about both? The room gives off a contemporary vibe that is irresistible, and is a perfect home for the modern homeowner.

Designer: ID White  

Geometric patterns and modern art characterizes this magnificent room. The black, white and grey are a pleasing blend, with a woven rug to soften the room’s aesthetic. The geometric design of the coffee tables adds dimension to the room, while lush houseplants are a refreshing burst of color. The white sofa is almost bubble-like and looks like a lovely place to relax.

Visualizer: Sergrey Baskakov  

An open plan home is as versatile as it is challenging. You need to create one unified room that serves different purposes. One way to do that is by choosing a color scheme, and monochrome works very well with this tip, as seen above. The room also uses bold design pieces like striking pendant light fixtures in the dining room and contemporary art in the living room area.

Visualizer: Paraform Studio  

Studio apartments are a marvellous design opportunity, and we can see why. The unique shaped window and urban view provide the perfect back drop for this designer’s monochrome vision.

Visualizer: Pix 3D Studio  

Black and white visuals are an engaging aspect to this cloud of black, grey and white. The white walls and black/grey furniture is a stunning contrast that makes for a visually appealing living room.

Visualizer: Jelena Stojanović  

Exposed brick walls and thin, metallic shelving gives this open plan apartment a slight industrial feel, while the glass panels, art work and geometric shelves are more modern and artistic. These elements work together to create a diverse yet unified room.

Visualizer: ARTSTUDIO Design  

A simple visual behind the couch gives off a subtle air of mystery, yet the rest of the room is transparent and open.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi  

Wood and artwork mesh well together in this room. The room is dynamic and varied, with a window that gives us a peak at the lush greenery outside, subtly incorporating it into the decor.

Visualizer: Design At Sketch  

This Scandinavian style living room is a flurry of contrasts. The sophisticated leather couch is an intentional contrast to the white distressed floor boards. The room is sophisticated yet slightly cluttered and industrial elements contrast to the sumptuously comfortable aspects.

Visualizer: Burnazzi Feltrin  

Here, the monochromatic living room exudes luxurious comfort. A comfortable reading chair and upscale couch creates a great place to kick back and relax. The fireplace and stacked firewood is as opulent as it is chic.

Designer: Pascal Grasso Architects  

Our final living room is a 3-D marvel. What better way to make your living room dynamic than to have a 3-D accent wall/ceiling? The space is sleek and absolutely energetic, the unique architecture is breathtakingly marvellous.

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