3 Wedding Decor Trends And 26 Examples For 2019

3 Wedding Decor Trends And 26 Examples For 2019

2019 is here and if you are getting married this year, if you wanna make your decor trendy, edgy and bold, today’s roundup is right what you need – we’ve gathered a bunch of top wedding decor ideas that are sure to impress and add a touch of fashion to your wedding day.

Dramatic Floral Designs

Dramatic, lush, bold floral decorations are amazing to make your wedding super trendy – I’m not talking only about glam and ballroom weddings, this goes about all of them. Go for a bold floral wedding arch or backdrop, think of ombre floral walls and lots of texture and grasses to make your ceremony space breathtaking. Try a lush floral centerpiece or table runner, add an overhead floral decoration that echoes with them or cover the chairs with florals. Don’t be afraid to go super dramatic and super lush – this is all about making your wedding decor trendy.


Minimalism has already conquered the world and now it’s going opposite! Maximalism is another wedding trend to rock, and it’s of course about lush florals and greenery, too. But you may go for maximalism in other ways, too, for example, lots of lights, lots of lamps, lots of baskets with florals and greenery, lots of bold colors and lots of accessories and decor details. This trend will fit many weddings, from glam and formal ones to boho chic and Moroccan-styled ones.


Rust is a cool and refined color that can be incorporated into your wedding decor and attire to make your wedding trendy. I couldn’t help including a couple of rust attire ideas into the roundup as this color is very chic, if a bride or a groom aren’t ready for such a shade, they may ask bridesmaids or groomsmen to rock it. And of course, rust-colored textiles, florals, cakes are welcome for not only fall weddings but all the rest, too.

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