Welcome spring with open arms and a new doormat!!! We designed our new doormats in-house, so you can only get them at McGee & Co.! The designs are fresh, pretty, and plenty inviting. 


Layering one of our new doormats over an indoor/outdoor rug (use a 3×5) really elevates your style, while the thickness of the mats and beautiful designs make your porch feel high-end. 

Not only are they durable, weather resistant, and easy to clean (all you need is to hose them off!) but they come in so many different colors and patterns at an affordable price. Shop indoor/outdoor rugs here.

Rugby_1 2.jpg
Samode_In_Light_Blue_1 2.jpg

We start with a hanger from a local home improvement store, and then we pick out the wreath that speaks to us. This one is perfect for spring!

Filling up extra space with plants and potters makes a small area feel substantial, grounded, and looks really pretty when filled with greenery. We love the rustic, vintage, outdoor vibe they bring to the porch. They are also convenient for storing shoes, extra gardening tools, etc.

Flower_Bucket_4_960x960 2.jpg

Lined_Concrete_Planter_1 2.jpg

Olive_Buckets_4 2.jpg

Look #1


look #2


look #3



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