Patio doors are just one of the functional design elements in your home that can add to its unique, overall style. However, when choosing patio doors, there’s more to contemplate than just color and design. In fact, when choosing new patio doors, keep safety, pest prevention and energy efficiency in mind before making any purchase.

1. Energy Efficiency

Allowing natural sunlight into your home through windows and doors can give your living space an open and airy feel. But windows and doors that aren’t energy efficient also seep cold or hot air into your home, forcing you and your family to use your thermostat more often than need be and ultimately spiking your utility bill.

So what exactly makes a patio door energy efficient? Doors with double or triple pane insulated glass can reduce heat flow. In addition to the class, core materials also make a difference. Materials such as wood-cladding, fiberglass and steel with a polyurethane core are among the most energy-efficient.

Meantime, doors that are energy efficient also tout a tight fit and weather stripping that reduces leakage around the edges. At the end of the day, when choosing a new patio door, look for the blue Energy Star label to ensure you’re selecting a patio door that is energy efficient.

2. Pest Proof

Pest control starts with prevention. While you may not have pests in your home now, in order to keep it that way, you must take action by employing a series of preventive measures. First, start by sealing all entry points around your home. Rodents, for example, can squeeze through access points that are close to the size of a pen cap.

When it comes to choosing — and later installing — patio doors, be sure your weather-stripping is tight and doesn’t have any holes. This can be an easy access point for all sorts of pests. If you notice signs of a pest infestation in your home, call a licensed pest management company right away.

Treatment at the first sign of pests is key. And, a licensed professional can recommend a treatment and prevention plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

3. Safety

Doors that are stylish and well-designed can also be safe. In addition to being up to code, patio doors can also exemplify other safety features. For example, multi-point hardware can give you and your family peace of mind with a secure handle and multiple locks at the bottom, middle and top of the door.

Deadbolts and foot bolts are considered the standard in security. Plus, foot bolts are also great if you like to keep your patio door slightly propped open. For privacy and safety, remote controlled blinds and shades give you the ability to open or close them with ease.

Some smart shades can even be connected to your smartphone and will notify you when your patio door is left open. Not to mention these shades and blinds are available in a range of different styles and colors, allowing you to choose a set that best coordinates with the aesthetic and design of your living space.

Your home should reflect your personal style. But you shouldn’t have to forgo safety and practicality just for the sake of good taste. Today’s contemporary patio doors are designed with safety and energy efficiency in mind. So, the question is: Do you want to add style to your home, while keeping it safe and efficient?


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