3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)Hi, everyone! I’m taking over Elsie’s favorite natural products series this week since she is busy finishing up a new eCourse she’s been working on. Trying to go a less toxic route over the past year can be challenging at times, so it’s always exciting to share and talk about new products I love whenever I find them!

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)It’s been a little challenging to find good nail polishes that I like (especially in colors that I like). So I was thrilled when I discovered this Aila 8-free nail polish line. The polish feels thick when applied (in a good way), and you can add the Better Than Gel topcoat for an amazingly gel-like finish and feel. I love this mauvey Petunia shade that adds a little bit of color but is still subtle enough to act as a neutral. I’m hooked!

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)I’m a little bit obsessed with face washes. There’s nothing that feels quite as good as a clean face at the end of a long day, and this enzyme cleansing oil and makeup remover is a great way to wash away the daily grime. It’s a very light feeling cleanser, and it’s the first time I’ve tried using a clay cleansing sponge before, so that’s been kind of a fun experience! The sponge is a lot gentler than I imagined (it’s kind of a hard material until you get it wet), but it really helps to remove all the makeup. You can get 3 months of use out of one sponge. I do like to take off my eye makeup with coconut oil first, but this is great for the rest of the face.

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)Savannah told you guys about Bite Beauty in her post about her natural lipstick favorites, and this Cotton Candy color is the perfect bright photo shoot pink! I tend to wear lighter colors most of the time, but it’s always a good idea to have a bright shade on hand for a punchy photo or just as a mood pick-me-up if you know what I mean. The cool thing about Bite is that their ingredients are all food grade, so you could actually eat the lipstick (which is good because you kind of do anyway as it wears off, right?), and you can get it at Sephora. So you can try all the shades and find your favorite like I did.

3 Natural Products I Am Loving (click through for links)I have to admit that I do kind of love having that little pink heart sponge always hanging up in my bathroom now – so cute! I personally love reading product roundups like these, and I hope you guys have found a few new items that you’d like to try as well! What natural products have you been into lately? xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman.