Mind Blowing Disney Crafts The Kiddos Would Fall In Love With

1. Mickey Mouse Bath Bombs

Mickey Mouse Bath Bombs

Toss a Mickey-inspired bath bomb into the water for a soothing pink-hued fizz. The shape is brought by silicone Mickey Mouse muffin pan moulds.

DIY Details : thefarmgirlgabs

2. Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose Ornament

Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose Ornament

Straight out of the classic fairytale, this gorgeous enchanted piece features a miniature rose and shredded gold crinkle placed in a plastic ornament.

DIY Details : thefarmgirlgabs

3. Painted Flowerpots

Painted Flowerpots

Ditch solid coats of paint for your home’s planters, instead transform them into little works of art inspired by Goofy, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Daisy and Minnie.

DIY Details : mydisneylifebymelissa

4. Disney Mickey Ears

Disney Mickey Ears

These adorable Mickey ears are hairbands adding a touch of Disney to your persona, themed to reflect just about any of your favorite characters.

DIY Details : momswithoutanswers

5. Disney Princess Necklaces

Disney Princess Necklaces

The whole magic here lies in the color scheme – each of the necklaces features wooden beads in shades representing one of the princesses.

DIY Details : craftingintherain

6. Disney Desk Organizer

Disney Desk Organizer

Desk organizers built out of cute flower pots and a basic tray look insanely cute in their Disney avatars pulled off using paint and paper.

DIY Details : jennyplace26

7. Winnie The Pooh No Sew Pillow

That bright yellow pillow is nothing but sheets of felt glued together and stuffed with cotton, finally getting Pooh’s features from brown adhesive felt.

DIY Details – youtuber: CraftCovers

8. Mickey and Minnie Pillows

Mickey and Minnie Pillows

These pillows remind you of Mickey and Minnie with the fabrics they are covered with. Special mention for that red and white bow on the Minnie pillow!

DIY Details : 5littlemonsters

9. Mickey and Minnie Coffee Cup Sleeves

Mickey and Minnie Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeves paying a tribute to the mousey lovers! It calls for assembling the fabric, a little stitching and adding a few buttons and bow.

DIY Details : undercovertourist

10. Mickey and Minnie Shoes

Mickey and Minnie Shoes

Introduce Mickey’s head shaped silhouettes in black to the front of your shoes. That winsome red and white bow on minnie differentiates the two with utmost clarity.

Source : womentriangle

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