288 The Coolest Outdoor Area Decor Ideas Of 2020

Here are the coolest designs of outdoor areas that we showed on DigsDigs in 2020. Btw, don’t miss the coolest outdoor area designs of the previous year. They are great too!

Boho chic style is so colorful and inspiring. Lets decorate your porch so it looks and feels free-spirited.
39 Awesome Bohemian Porch Décor Ideas

A modern terrace can look differentl. Wanna see some ideas? Let’s take a look!
67 Coolest Modern Terrace Design Ideas

An indoor courtyard is ideal if you don’t have good weather conditions or space outside. Here are ideas to design one.
51 Stunning Indoor Courtyard Design Ideas

Here are amazing pools that you may want to install in your own outdoor space for this summer, and these are round pools.
23 Round Pools You’ll Never Want To Leave

Here are some beautiful ideas for your front yard to design it in a Japanese style.
33 Relaxing Japanese-Inspired Front Yard Décor Ideas

If you are a happy owner of a patio, even a small…

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