Everyone knows that last minute panic to find your keys. Well search no more. We have assembled cast of 28 key holders that are not only functional, the right key holder can add to your décor. There’s something for animal a music lovers, and key holders for those wanting to add a little pop of color to your wall. They can even house other things like mail, coats, and scarves. Or you can keep it simple with an unobtrusive key holder that blends right in and does merely does its job without getting in the way. Here are more than 20 wall key holders to keep you organized.


Owl Key Ring Holder:
 This white owl key holder is a hoot to spruce up your wall and keep your keys in check.


Polar Bear Key Holder:
 A cool way to stash your keys. Hang this unique polar bear key holder that fits any decor.


Elephant House Key Ring Holder:
An elephant never forgets, and you won’t either. Use this key holder for the wall and always know where your keys are.  


Squirrel Key Holder:
This orange squirrel peeks out of this branhand holds on to our keys until you need them again. The branch can be used to hang your bag.


Magnetic Wild Animal Heads Key Holders:
Use your trhophy prize to hold your keys, available as a bull, rhino, and a tiger.


Magnetic Cloud Key Holder:
Your keys will float in air with a simple cloud affixed to the wal with an adhesive back. It’s easy to install and your keys just float as they hold on.  


Simple Magnetic Key Holder:
These magnetic key holders work for hanging keys or keeping charging cables in check.  


Birdhouse Key Holder:
This wooden birdhouse are home to either a pink or green bird that doubles as a safety whistle.


Twin Birdhouse Key Holder:
Get these two sparrows of different feathers together in one house.


House Shaped Key Holder :
This white house holds your keys and works with any decor. Use multiple houses to make entire street to house keys for the entire family.


Wooden House Shaped Key Holder:
This wood house shaped key holder can also hold your keepsakes on its shelf.


Shaped Based Key Chains and Holders:
These geometric key holders come in triangle, square, circle, and pentagon shapes and include a key chain.


Umbrella Key Holders:
Add a little color, make a rainbow with these colorful umbrella key holders. Flip one over to have a place to drop your loose change.


Lego Key Holder:
This lego key holder with two key rings is great for the home, office, or garage.


Piano Key Holder:
Pianists, we have found your key holder. Five whistle key chains are found on the black keys.


Equalizer Key Holder:
Music composers, this white and red equalizer magnetic keyboard is for you.


Plug Key Holder:
Plug your keys into this faux outlet with the included red keychain.


Magnetic Key Holders for Your Switch Panels:
There is no need to affix anything to your wall, simply place this magnetic keyholder to your switch plate.


Doorman Key Holder & Hook:
Fashioned like an old style lock and key, this key holder comes in blue and beige and has a door knob for your bag to hang on.


His & Her Key Holder:
For both him and her, this key holder is great for couples, kids, roomates and comes in a contemporary nickel finish.


Handout Holder:
This keyholder is always waiting open handed for your keys or cell phone.


Octopus Wall Hook:
This wall hook is all arms. With a bronze finish, it offers six spots for your keys, leashes, or anything you need to keep near your door.


Magnetic Key Holder and Mail Organizer:
This simple wood finish key holder is also a coupon or mail caddy.

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Coat Rack With Floating Shelf and Key Hooks:
This java finish organizer has hooks for keys, bags, and coats. Use the shelf for your shades or remote control, and slip your mail and other important papers in the slot.


Wall Shelf Mail & Key Holder:
This white shelving holds your in and outgoing mail, accessories, keys, and scarves.


Minimalist Style Bamboo Organizer & Key Holder:
This organizer’s finish is perfect for a simple contermporary or artisan look and it also works well for a beachhouse or dorm.


Keys Holder:
This cast iron key holder comes in four shades to hand your keys, leashes, and charging cords.


Key Shaped Key Holder:
The shape is key for this polished aluminum key holder. This can be used to hang your keys and your charms when not on your bracelet.

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