Best DIY Sharpie Crafts

Awesome DIY Sharpie Crafts That Even the Kiddos can Pull Off

1. Incredible Sharpie Art Coasters

Incredible Sharpie Art Coasters

Plain white ceramic tiles get splashes of the whole spectrum with this incredible Sharpie hack. The other supplies include isopropyl alcohol, a clear finish spray and different colors of neon Sharpie pens. That marble effect is simply breathtaking.

DIY Details – Video : pagingfunmums

2. Marble Effect Canvas Shoes

Marble Effect Canvas Shoes

Working up random stripes of colored Sharpie pens on a pair of canvas shoes is a piece of cake for the kiddos. However, the end results, achieved by adding drops of rubbing alcohol over those stripes makes it look a complete piece of art.

DIY Details : blog.windowshoponline

3. Leopard Print Chair

Leopard Print Chair

Do you absolutely fancy animal prints? If yes, then this leopard printed slipcover for chairs around the house is all you need. Plus, drawing simple random dots on plain white fabric is a surprisingly easy to pull off affair. Get as vivid with the patterns as you like.

DIY Details : littlegreennotebook

4. Quick and Easy DIY Two-Sided Sharpie Pillow for Fall

Quick and Easy DIY Two-Sided Sharpie Pillow for Fall

Grab a bunch of adorable shapes cut out of durable construction paper or cardstock, and you are set to use them as stencils for these DIY two-sided Sharpie pillows. Simply trace the shapes or text onto the cover, further lining them with a black Sharpie.

DIY Details : thehappyhousie.porch

5. DIY Beauty and the Beast Mug

DIY Beauty and the Beast Mug

Remember the super adorable Chip, the chipped cup from Beauty and The Beast? Craft your own take on the mug inspired by this Sharpie idea. You are going to need a white ceramic mug, oil based paint pens or Sharpies in black, blue, pink, purple and gold, along with some painter’s tape.

DIY Details : apopofred

6. DIY Gold Sharpie Dot Mugs + Glasses

DIY Gold Sharpie Dot Mugs + Glasses

Those tiny dots – scarce on the top and denser towards the bottom make the glasses look truly stunning and of course, luxurious. Another take on the dot pattern glasses is to work up large equally spaced polka dots throughout the exterior of the mug.

DIY Details : saradujour

7. Stained Glass Jar with Sharpie Markers

Stained Glass Jar with Sharpie Markers

Stained glass is a thing of luxury when going for store-bought ones, but this DIY glass jar that achieves the look with readily available Sharpies is oh so magnificent. All it takes is to cover the jar with small squares of colors.

DIY Details : happyhooligans

8. Easy Painted Leather Wallet

Easy Painted Leather Wallet

Giving any expensive wallet a run for its money, this leather wallet has been adorned with a beautiful chevron pattern using a gold Sharpie pen. The pattern is accompanied by tiny dots and some strips on the side.

DIY Details : lovemaegan

9. DIY Colorful Geometric Textiles

DIY Colorful Geometric Textiles

Spruce up a plain bedsheet, pillow covers or upholstery of your choice with a wonderful geometric pattern. The colorful geometric textiles are all about creating a design with strips of tape, coloring the shapes with different Sharpie pens, and dropping rubbing alcohol on the same.

DIY Details : curbly

10. Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt

Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirt

Those vibrant discs of color worked up all over the t-shirt are a result of a super cool tie dye done using rubber bands, a jar, rubbing alcohol and colored Sharpies. Kids are going to love their self-crafted clothes more than any store-bought brands.

DIY Details : diyprojectsforteens

11. DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Tutorial

DIY Sharpie Wallpaper Tutorial

No more than 2 supplies – a water based Sharpie paint pen and a straight edge work wonders to whip up a one-of-a-kind wallpaper for your home. Golden horizontal lines run across the wall, featuring loads of triangles between two lines.

DIY Details : vintagerevivals

12. DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

DIY Faux Malachite Knobs

Transform any regular drawer knobs into expensive-looking malachite knobs for a fraction of their cost. A bunch of small round white porcelain knobs with brass bases are used to work up the easy-to-forge project.

DIY Details : schoolofdecorating

13. $5 Faux Saddle Shoes

$5 Faux Saddle Shoes

Once you trace the natural middle shape of the shoe, you simply fill it with a black Sharpie fabric marker, further doing the same on the other side. The end results? Super awesome faux saddle shoes accomplished for no more than 5 dollars.

DIY Details : dreamalittlebigger

14. Patterned Ceramics Using Sharpies

Patterned Ceramics Using Sharpies

Stunning zigzags, stripes and checkered patterns pulled off atop plain white bowls can turn them into quite special pieces of crockery. Simply grab your choice of Sharpie colors and make random designs that you like on $1 ceramic bowls.

DIY Details : brit

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