26 Whimsical Floral Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

If you are tired of all this traditional and boring decor at Christmas, if you want an out of the box Christmas tree that will catch all the eyes, I have a gorgeous idea for you: a floral Christmas tree! I don’t mean a whole tree made of blooms (though you can consider this option, too) but a Christmas tree decorated with flowers – real or faux ones.
Your Christmas tree itself can have various colors: it can be usual, black, pink, silver, white, flocked or any other that pleases your eye. Decide whether you’ll use natural flowers or faux ones – the first will do for a special occasion, for example, if you are having a party today, the second idea is more long-lasting. You may choose various blooms – super bold ones, colorful ones to create a gradient effect, soft pastel ones for a romantic feel. They can cover the whole tree, you may dot the tree with them or create garlands of blooms and wrap the whole piece.

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