26 Ways To Style A White Denim Jacket For Spring And Summer

A white denim jacket is among the most popular pieces to wear this spring and summer, it’s very comfy and its universal color will make it wearable with most outfits. So how to style a white denim jacket right to look trendy and bold?
Choose a proper denim jacket, due to current trends, it should be oversized and maybe cropped or not. Too fitting denim jackets are totally out and we don’t know when they will be back, so skip fitting ones. White doesn’t mean only pure white, choose the best shade for your complexion that makes you look fresh. Contrasting seams can be a nice idea for those who want something more interesting and no just white denim.
A White Denim Jacket + A Skirt
A skirt or a dress can be worn with a white denim jacket as a coverup. What skirt can you wear? Think of mini and mini ones, floral, denim (yes, double denim looks are on top), solid colored and with any silhouette you like. Take a crop top, a turtleneck, a t-shirt or a blouse you like and trainers or even heeled boots if you want a girlish feel. The same goes to dresses: mini…

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