26 Bold Color Touches For Minimalist Homes

Minimalist homes traditionally feature black, white and grey and cause of that are considered cold and unfriendly. But what if you introduce a bit of color into the space? Touches of bold and even muted and pastel tones make minimalist spaces livelier, fresher, more eye-catching and of course more welcoming, and that’s exactly what most of such interiors lack! Let me share some ideas to add color to a minimalist space, I hope you’ll enjoy all of them!
Accent Walls
An accent wall is a lovely idea to give color and interest to any space, not only a minimalist one. It can be done in any color and you don’t have to support this shade in the rest of the room. If you want to add a warm touch to your minimal space, I’d advise bright and warm colors like yellow, red, burgundy or orange, and if you want to complete the look of the room, it may be pale or olive green, your favorite shades of blue or cold pink. Go with paint, tiles, panels and many other types of wall covers that you like.

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