Looking back, the 90’s feel like the golden era for beauty and fashion trends. While we are happy to leave some trends in the past, like micro brows and frosted tips, we welcome others with pure joy and excitement. A statement hair clip takes a simple hairstyle to the next level, dramatic face framing highlights give you instant cool-girl credibility, and of course who can forget the humble claw clip. 

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You might remember it from every late 90’s or early 2000’s rom-com. The accessory had a permanent place in Rachel Green’s beauty arsenal— her effortlessly undone up-dos would not have been possible without a claw clip. Everybody from supermodels to busy moms were fans of the handy clip. 

More than 20 years later, the claw clip seems to be making an undeniable comeback. It’s impossible to scroll through social media without coming across a photo of an Insta-girl rocking a claw clip.The functional and fashionable accessory can be seen on high fashion runways, and worn by our favourite celebs, like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber. 

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The claw clip is so versatile, looks a bit more grown up than a scrunchie, and is less damaging than hair ties. It’s also super easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert to recreate this minimal-effort updo. The style takes about 10 seconds to create, no heat styling required, and even brushing is optional. All it takes is a little twist and clip to nail this iconic 90’s hairstyle. 

The trend has been hot all summer but if you haven’t busted out your old claw clip yet, now’s the time to do it.

Here are 25 ways to rock this vintage hair accessory to keep you inspired through the Fall. 

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Leave it to the supermodel to make everything look good. Kendall Jenner rocks a slicked back style that looks effortlessly chic. To get the off-duty supermodel look, simply slick your hair back, twist into a low bun, and let the loose ends flop down. 

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This oversized tortoiseshell claw clip can take you from greasy, post-workout hair to polished updo in 10 seconds flat. Greasy hair, who? 

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Addison Rae rocks two of Fall’s biggest trends: brown leather pants and a claw clip for a sleek, glam look on a night out. We bet she gets the best style advice from her BFF, Kourtney. 

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Mrs. Beiber can do no wrong when it comes to style. She pairs her slicked back claw-clip updo with a bold red lip and her signature gold hoops for the perfect night out look. 

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Bella Hadid rocks the claw hair clip with an oversized flannel for a casual daytime look. She seems to love adding the easy accessory to her signature slicked-back hairstyles. 

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Model Ke’Andra Samone nails the off-duty model look in a monochrome brown outfit and claw clip. Pro-tip for ladies with kinky or curly hair, use a boar bristle brush and some gel to smooth down hair to get a super sleek look. 

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Influencer Brit Harvey lets the front pieces of her hair down for a romantic, girly vibe. She lets her ends hang down for a modern twist on the 90’s classic. 

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For a super easy and effortless 90’s inspired hairstyle, choose a classic tortoiseshell hair clip to loosely pull back your hair. This style is perfect for second day hair or on days you want to embrace your natural texture. 

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This glamorous claw clip will elevate your look whether you’re heading to the office, hitting the streets, or attending a fancy soirée. 

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For a hair accessory that makes a statement choose one in a color that contrasts your hair. We love how this white clip pops against the model’s dark hair. 

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Blogger Jody Buckley opts for a no-frills clip that lets her beautiful red hair take center stage. The half-up, half-down style looks great with all hair textures and lengths. 

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If you’re running to the office (or logging onto a Zoom call) and don’t have much time to look put together, this gold claw clip with pearl accent will instantly elevate a simple half-up half-down hairstyle. 

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Pair with a low-cut back for maximum nape exposure like Emma Leger for a super flirty date night look. 

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A little volume, a little texture, and a whole lot of chic. Instagrammer Nitsan Raiter secures her perfectly tousled locks with a clear and gold embellished claw clip. Take your look up a notch by adding hair extensions for extra length and volume. 

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Keep tendrils loose at the front like Christine Le for a more relaxed finish. 

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Marianna Hewitt’s easy, breezy, beach hair pairs perfectly with this beige and brown clip. The pattern makes the laid back look extra luxe. 

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Another Hailey Beiber because we cannot get enough. This time she pairs the hairstyle with sunnies and a leather blazer for a 90’s inspired fall look. 

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Madison Beeris a big fan of 90’s inspired looks, she nails the effortless up-do with a slicked back bun and face framing tendrils. 

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We’re all about the details. These sparkly clips create a mermaid-inspired look that’s sure to make a splash. 

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Take your bubble ponytail to the next level by adding small claw clips. It’s a simple yet stylish way to elevate a classic hairstyle. For extra bold look, add waist length hair extensions

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Pearls are a classic that will never go out of style. While they are usually worn on necklaces, this chunky pearl claw clip is definitely on trend. 

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Do up your 90’s dream with this butterfly clip-inspired claw clip. Pair the look with your favorite blazer for an office-ready look. 

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Alexander Wang was one of the first to resurrect the claw clip during his runway show in 2018. We can’t argue with genius. 

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Blogistiana rocks the claw clip trend. She adds her Chocolate Brown Balayage Luxy Hair extensions for extra oomph.

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Styling the perfect messy bun often requires more effort than it should— but this claw-clip version is a great hack. It’s perfect for lazy mornings when you want to look great with minimal effort.