Unbelievably Adorable DIY Baby Clothes You Can Put Together At Home

1. DIY Baby Leggings

DIY Baby Leggings

Printing your choice of patterns on knit fabric, you use an existing pair of leggings as the reference for cutting pieces of fabric with appropriate allowance for the seams. Once you sew the legs and inner legs together, it’s all about working up the waistband and adding an elastic to the same.

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2. DIY Girls Skirt Tutorial

DIY Girls Skirt Tutorial

T shirts, leggings or top – no matter what you pair this girl’s skirt with, it’s going to be a sureshot hit every single time. You need some fabric according to the size you are making, thread, scissors, an elastic, a sewing machine or serger, and trim to get started with the project.

DIY Details : sewjerseymama

3. Summer Headwrap Tutorial for Infants and Toddlers

Summer Headwrap Tutorial for Infants and Toddlers

Spruce up your young ladies outfit with a glorious headwrap style headband that makes summers so much more cool. That huge bow on top is the undoubted star element of this accessory made with cotton fabric, pins, scissors, pinking shears, sewing machine and iron.

DIY Details : sewjerseymama

4. Ruffle Sleeve Onesie

Ruffle Sleeve Onesie

As the title suggests, ruffled sleeves make this onesie standout with sheer cuteness. Stick to the same cloth and pattern for the dress fabric and the ruffle, or simply go for different designs to make it look vivid. 2 snaps at the shoulder and 3 at the crotch make it easier to change.

DIY Details : seekatesew

5. DIY Baby Hat Pattern

DIY Baby Hat Pattern

You can put together a whole bundle of adorable baby hats using interlock knit, jersey knit or rib knit, following the super easy to forge pattern shared in the below guide by Coral and Co. The pattern comes in different sizes including preemie, small newborn, large newborn, 3-6 month infant, as well as 6-12 month toddler.

DIY Details : coralandco

6. Mermaid Baby Gown Tutorial

Mermaid Baby Gown TutorialLet’s give your baby a mystical tail from the fairytale books, transforming him or her into a little mermaid. To make everything so much more easier for you, See Kate Sew not only explains the steps to sew the mermaid baby gown, but also shares a free downloadable pattern for the same.

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7. The Bigger and Better Bib Pattern

The Bigger and Better Bib Pattern

Two different fabrics are used for the front and back of this winsome baby bib, having a nice Velcro or a snap attached to the straps work for an easy closure. To work up the pattern for the The Bigger and Better Bib, you also need thread, sewing machine, pins, a snap fastener tool, scissors, and mat.

DIY Details : marymarthamama

8. How to make Baby Joggers : DIY Baby Harem Pants Tutorial

How to make Baby Joggers : DIY Baby Harem Pants Tutorial

There’s absolutely no one who wouldn’t love the texture of these baby joggers or harem pants that are not only super comfortable to wear, but also equally easy to sew. You’ll need fleece or knit fabric, ribbing fabric, matching thread, sewing machine, and scissors.

DIY Details : kayleeeylander

9. Boho Baby Romper Pattern

Boho Baby Romper Pattern

The snaps at the crotch make it a child’s play to change the diapers, while that bow-shaped knot at the back of the neck only increases the overall cuteness of this romper. You need some fabric, contrast, elastic, Kam Snaps, single fold bias tape, lori lace trim, and lightweight fusible interfacing.

DIY Details : seekatesew

10. DIY Baby and Toddler Skirt Tutorial

DIY Baby and Toddler Skirt Tutorial

How a beautiful lace takes a simple skirt to all new levels of awesomeness has rightly been showcased in the below tutorial to put together the baby clothing accessory in just a matter of few minutes. The elastic on the waist of the skirt provides for easy wearing of the attire.

DIY Details : mommysbabytique

11. DIY Baby Slouchy Leggings

DIY Baby Slouchy Leggings

This uber cool slouchy type pair of leggings is all about two pieces of fabric and a piece of elastic, all put together in a clever fashion. One great thing about them is that you can even bring the leggings to life using an old t-shirt, that too with the most simple of sewing.

DIY Details : littleinspiration

12. Knot Hard at All : Knot Hat

Knot Hard at All : Knot Hat

You are going to adore these 10-minute knot hats so much that you would want to sew one for each of your little one’s outfits. To achieve the best stretch for the hats, the author recommends going for jersey knit or cotton knit, along with a ballpoint needle, thread and pen.

DIY Details : howdoesshe

13. Easy Baby Summertime Dress

Easy Baby Summertime Dress

We simply couldn’t forget this summertime dress when preparing the list of easy DIY clothes. The gathered straps with elastics in them bunching up the fabric make it a piece of cake to slip on the straps onto the shoulders. The summer-perfect colors deserve a special mention.

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