25 Super Yummy Waffle Wedding Cakes

Alternative wedding cakes are always on – some couples don’t want anything usual for their wedding dessert tables. Pancake, cheese, cannoli, ice cream and many other wedding cakes and pies will make your wedding dessert table more special and unusual. But a new dessert trend is arising, and these are waffle wedding cakes!
Waffle wedding cakes are composed of Belgian waffles of various shapes, sizes and kinds, which depends on the wedding cake size you want. You may go for square or round waffles to farm your cake or even think of cute heart-shaped ones – they can be placed next to each other to make your cake bigger. Try various types of waffles – your cake can be not just usual but also vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free or egg-free and much more, it all depends on what you and your guests like. Try various food coloring to make your waffle cake more creative – colorful tiers always catch an eye. Decorate it with fresh flowers, foliage, berries and fruits and to make it even yummier, you can go for some caramel drip or creamy drip.

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