25 Super Easy Sewing Projects To Let Even The Most Beginners Work Wonders!

1. 20-Minute Baby Boho Leggings

20-Minute Baby Boho Leggings

Turn an old shirt into something that can dress up your little one with a dose of love coupled up with some warmth. And as the title suggests, working up these cute leggings is just a matter of 20 minutes, stealing some breaths away with the boho appeal they flaunt. The knit leggings call only for a front piece and a back piece, providing the baby with great ease of movement, letting him or her crawl, walk or play around with absolute convenience. And that’s all because of the clever design that goes for a loose shape on the upper part of the leggings, while the legs are rightly fitted. Cut 2 pieces from the bottom hem of a t-shirt and get going to follow the steps explained by Make It Love It to sew the leggings using knit fabric, existing pants for reference and an elastic.

DIY Details : makeit-loveit

2. DIY Baby Hat Pattern

DIY Baby Hat Pattern

These endearing baby or infant hats are an ultra cozy and soft knit fabric creation that come with fitted tops and cute cuffs that you can roll up to make the winter accessory look even more adorable. While the author goes for an organic interlock knit to put the hats together, you can always make them using jersey knit or even the rib knit technique, achieving end results that are equally adorable every single time. Apart from explaining the whole sewing process to you in the below guide, Coral and Co also provides you with a totally free pattern to make your very own versions of the DIY baby hats in several different sizes to suit your baby’s age. Just download the pattern and making the hats is going to be a total piece of cake, while also letting you go for a variety of prints, colors and textures when it comes to the fabric.

DIY Details : coralandco

3. Adorable Heart Pillows

Adorable Heart Pillows

The mere idea of heart-shaped pillows seems too loving, and that’s why these adorable heart pillows worked up in shades of red and pink are the perfect Valentine’s gift for your loved one, or simply a cozy element to your couch. The handful of basic materials you are going to need for the project include some fabric, some thread that matches the selected fabric, some stuffing material, a few pins, a sewing needle, a paper for template, and of course, a sewing machine. The key is to cut out a heart shape paper template, further stacking two pieces of fabric together. You place and pin the unfolded template to the fabric and cut around it, followed by removing the template and pinning the fabric back. Stitch the edges and make a seam allowance, lastly, turning the pillow out and stuffing it. Stitch again and voila!

DIY Details : designlovefest

4. DIY Drawstring Backpack

DIY Drawstring Backpack

You really don’t get any more simpler than this backpack when it comes to the minimal amount of sewing or stitching that it requires to get all set! The DIY backpack functions on the drawstring concept of closure, calling for 2 pieces of 12 x 15 inch fabric, some fabric for outside pocket, an inside pocket fabric, some cording, ribbon and a sewing machine. Once you have got the cut pieces ready, you iron and sew the inside and outside pockets to the bag 3 sides onto the pieces of fabric and sew it further into the bag, advancing towards about six more steps shared in the below tutorial by Alice and Lois. It’s amazing how a long ribbon inserted into the openings on top allow you to pull the knotted ends to close the backpack, while stretching the opening of the bag is all it takes to open it.

DIY Details : aliceandlois

5. DIY Mini Makeup Pouch

DIY Mini Makeup Pouch

Do you often end up having your makeup essentials fall all over the place inside your carry bag? If yes, you are surely familiar with how hard it is to find the right lipstick or that favorite eyeliner of yours when the whole universe seems to have entered your handbag. Let’s dedicate a separate small pouch to your makeup essentials, sewing the mini bag all by yourself. What you are going to need to make the pouch includes a nice printed cotton fabric, some solid cotton lining fabric, fusible interfacing, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, some handmade tassels, and zippers. Although the bag has got a zipper as its foundation, that tassel hanging on the rider makes the pouch look so much more elegant, while also making it easier for you to open it without struggling with the zipper.

DIY Details : aliceandlois

6. The Best and Easiest Burp Rags

The Best and Easiest Burp Rags

Undoubtedly, you can hit the market and buy a few ready-made burp rags, but they really aren’t going to be as cute as these homemade ones. To begin with the craft, gather a pre-washed minky fabric, a pre-washed patterned fabric, and a thread that matches the cloth. One of the easiest sewing projects, the rags are all about two rectangles of fabric in the printed and minky texture sewn together and flipped right-side out, further going for careful topstitching all the way round and voila! Make them for your own kiddo or present the rags to your loved ones who have got little kids – either way they are not going to fail to make a mark. Make sure you go for a soft minky fabric only for the back of the burp rags, as the tender fabric is specially crafted to suit the baby’s sensitive skin.

DIY Details : lifewithmylittles

7. Girls A-line Pullover Dress

Girls A-line Pullover Dress

Take the whole maxi dress affair to a new level altogether with this cute little A-line dress that will totally jazz up your little one’s appearance. And the best part is that the pullover dress prettiness is something that you have crafted at home, sewing it with printed knit fabric. The below guide by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom not only shares the sewing instructions for the dress, but also provides you with sizes 4 to 10 for the pattern of the dress, stealing the show with that “almost” boat neck shaped neckline and the above the knee length height. Just pair the dress up with a nice scarf that complements the hues of the dress, and your little one is ready to rock the day with unbeatable style and on-point fashion. The simple sewing project is also going to make a lovely gift that adds a lot more warmth to winters.

DIY Details : scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

8. Bandana Bib Tutorial

Bandana Bib Tutorial

Apple Green Cottage claims this one to be the easiest bandana bib tutorial you’ve ever seen. And going through the super clever tutorial, you are also going to agree with the statement. The banana bib pattern crafted specially for a 2 year old toddler is provided totally free in the below guide, while giving you the option to customize the bib for older kids as well – by adding additional snap fasteners or velcro to alter the size of the neckline. You are going to need a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, some sewing thread, a few pins, and two pieces of fabric to forge the tutorial. The cut pieces of fabric are placed and sewn with their right sides together, leaving an opening at one of the straight edges of the bib. Cut off excess fabric around the edges, turn the bib inside-out and topstitch the edges, lastly, attaching poppers or Velcro.

DIY Details : applegreencottage 

9. Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

Minky Baby Blanket Tutorial

Adorned with bright colors, beautiful patterns and ultra-soft fabric, a baby blanket is not only something oh so comforting for a child, but also makes for a great gift to present for baby showers and to new moms. This minky baby blanket does just that, calling only for 1-2 yards each of a cozy minky fabric and cotton fabric, depending on how big you want the blanket to be. It’s interesting how those round corners for the blanket are worked up using a bowl, wherein you trace the outlines of a bowl or a plate onto the corner of the fabric, cut along the line and re-pin it in place. The process of putting together the coziness right from the beginning has been explained in the below tutorial by Practically Functional with the help of a few easy-to-pull off steps. As fun to make as it’s wonderful to touch.

DIY Details : practicallyfunctional

10. DIY Body Pillow

DIY Body Pillow

Although, body pillows were designed keeping pregnant ladies in mind, the great deal of comfort they come with makes them quite a boon for just about everyone. Surrounding you in a wonderful cocoon of support and letting you cradle into itself from head to toe, the pillow can now be constructed all by yourself. The Whoot shares an excellent step by step tutorial that comes with a PDF of the free pillow pattern in the below guide, while also explaining all the amazing benefits this thing has got. The pillow won’t cost you more than 12 dollars to get it done, calling for two large pieces of fabric for the main part, a few strips of coordinating fabric, and a zipper. Speaking of the stuffing loaded inside the body pillow, you can always repurpose all the stuffing from old pillows that you aren’t using anymore.

DIY Details : thewhoot

11. Charming Star Pillows

Charming Star Pillows

Now this is what you call out-of-the-box, because after all, you don’t quite often find pillows shaped as stars easily! But having your hands on the marvellous do-it-yourself project to whip up a charming star-shaped pillow at home, you can make the fairytale concept come true, that too with just a few minutes of effort. Check out the below tutorial by Blog Lovin that showcases the detailed method to make the pillow with the help of super easy-to-forge steps, and just a handful of supplies. The star template is crafted using cardstock paper, which is placed onto the fabric to cut out the shape, along with a little extra for the edges. Once you stitch the edges with a little gap open, you advance towards filling it with cotton stuffing. The last step is to sew along the edge to close the opening, and that’s all it takes to get your own charming star pillow.

DIY Details : aprilmaedchen

12. How to Make a Puff Quilt

How to Make a Puff Quilt

Ditch the concept of traditional quilts, instead adopt this puffy magic that’s another name for comfort. That massive thing that a quilt seems to be is definitely going to intimidate you when we speak of constructing the huge bedding element all by yourself. But, it’s going to come as a surprise that putting together an exceptionally soft quilt like this one is a child’s play, and also equally quick to pull off if you are making it into a child-special version. The materials you need include a few yards of 8 different types of fabrics so that the variety of textures makes the quilt fun to look at as well as to touch, some cotton-woven scrap fabric, some batting, material for the back and edge, some satin ribbon for edging, and a few wonder clips that are going to work wonders for keeping the fabric pieces together until you stitch them to perfection. Loads and loads of cotton-filled squares when attached together end up in this gorgeous quilt!

DIY Details : acraftedpassion

13. Beach Tote Tutorial

Beach Tote Tutorial

Sew a tote bag that makes everything you need to carry to your beach trips so much more easy-to-manage, while a home-decor fabric used for the construction makes the bag totally apt for the summers. It’s actually a regular tote bag coming with a full-width pocket, further divided into three smaller sections. Threaded through grommets and then knotted are lovely rope handles of the bag that let you carry it oh so easily. The below guide by Radiant Home Studio also lets you increase the number of pockets, while speaking of great alternatives to grommets. Apart from different cutting measurements for the exterior, the lining, and the pockets of the bag, you are also going to need some eco canvas with a fun print, lining fabric, a rope, coordinating thread, grommets, and a hammer to get started with process of constructing the winsome beach tote bag.

DIY Details :  radianthomestudio

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