25 Smart Blind Corner Storage Solutions

A blind corner is the space that is created where two perpendicular lines of cabinets meet. In less efficient cabinet designs, this space, which isn’t accessible by any cabinet door, is often left dead, and even a blind corner cabinet isn’t a good idea as it requires long arms and isn’t very comfortable in using. What to do with your corner then? Here are some ideas.
Lazy Susan
Lazy susan are spinning shelves that offer a way to get the most from your space and also make them easily accessible. This is a great option for storing anything from spices to kitchen appliances – it depends on the amount space that you have and the height of compartments. All contents will be reachable by spinning the shelves so this is a simple but effective solution to using this space well. Lazy susan systems come in three major variations. The spinning trays can come with a pie-shaped piece cut out for a folding door. The trays can be full circles without the cutout, and the whole apparatus is set back behind a diagonal door. The doors can be permanently affixed to the front of the pie-shaped cut-out.

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