25 Serene And Airy Scandinavian Bathrooms

Scandinavian style is all about balance, hygge and lagom – these terms mean having enough of everything and being in harmony. If you like this style, it’s high time to try it in your dwelling, and I have some ideas for bathrooms!
Color Schemes And Styles
Scandinavian decor is all about neutrals, grey and black and you may also play with warmer or colder neutrals, white and various light stains for wood. Yes, you may add a colorful touch or even a bold wall to make a statement and give more personality to the bathroom. Scandinavian can be modern, contemporary, minimalist and even rustic – touches of these styles will look amazing with Nordic decor. You may also take one of these styles as basics and add Scandinavian touches to it to achieve a cozier feel.

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