25 Scary Halloween Candles And Candleholders

Candles are amazing for creating a mood and an ambience, and they are widely used everywhere, from usual home decor to stylish events. If you are having a Halloween party or just want to create a mood in your space for this spooky holiday, candles are right what you need. Halloween candles and candleholders are pure art breathing with this scary and refined feel of a one-of-a-kind holiday. Let me show you some of them.
Halloween Candles
You may find various scary candles to decorate your home for Halloween, and they can be shaped as bones, skulls, spines, spiders, snakes and so on, you may also DIY them according to tutorials. If you have just usual and basic candles, you can decorate them really fast, too, giving them a Halloween feel. The easiest way to do that is to rock dripping on candles – bloody or black dripping will make them scary. You may also add a pendant on a ribbon with a pendant like a bat to give the candle a witchy feel or cover the top of the candle with crystals for a beautiful look. You may also decorate the candle with spikes or nails to give it…

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