25 Peacock Chairs For A Boho Feel In Your Home

Is there anything more screaming boho than a Peacock chair? Peacock chairs gained popularity during the 1960s. Peacock chairs are characterized by their wide, round backs that stretch far above their occupants’ heads and wider than the armrests. They are made of woven rattan or wicker and are lightweight, yet sturdy chairs. How to incorporate such a chair into your home and what model to choose?
Peacock Chairs
A pretty peacock chair can be made smaller or larger, can have beautiful patterns and is usually made of rattan or wicker. Peacock chairs are usually seen in boho and mid-century modern interiors for a boho feel but actually you may easily integrate this piece into some other interior style, too, for example, contemporary or Scandinavian, whenever you want a slight boho touch there. You may style your chair with cushions and pillows, with blankets and place it anywhere you like – it will always feel like a throne while sitting! Peacock chairs are gorgeous for hobby-inspired spaces like a reading nook, a music nook where you play some instrument and others. Besides, you may place this chair outside, too, making your outdoor space very boho-like.

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