Outdoor Play Areas For Kids

1. Hula Hoop Hideout

Hula Hoop Hideout

Playing in the garden in summers becomes so much more fun with these hula hoop hideouts hanging down the trees. What they have got is a twine that hangs the hoop to the tree with bedsheets pinned on the top edge.

DIY Details : alannageorge

2. Mudpie Station

Mudpie Station

Transform a corner of the patio or the yard into a true-blue mudpie-making station with metal tubs loaded with heaps of potting soil taken from a few terra cot pots. That fence board with all the tools is truly awe-inspiring.

DIY Details : mysmallpotatoes

3. Hopscotch Stepping Stones

Hopscotch Stepping Stones

What an adorably huge version of the classic game of Hopscotch! Concrete pavers from the local Home Depot work wonders as the stepping stones, spruced up with different candy-hued outdoor paints.

DIY Details : readbetweenthelimes

4. Tyres Defining Play Area

Tyres Defining Play Area

Tyres can be quite handy and chic when it comes to crafting super joyful early childhood settings. This set of tyres arranged in a cone-like shape serves the purpose of defining the backyard’s space dedicated to the kiddos.

DIY Details : pin.it

5. Color-Block Sandbox

Color-Block Sandbox

Taking a look at this winsome sandbox, it seems hard to figure out that its actually a bookcase primed and painted in a bright combination of red, light yellow and turquoise. You’ve got separate comportments for sand and sand toys!

DIY Details : thehomesihavemade

6. Make a PVC Pipe Kiddie Car Wash

Make a PVC Pipe Kiddie Car Wash

Those kiddie car washes aren’t a tedious task anymore when you have got this breathtaking car wash section in the yard, built out of PVC pipes. You’ll love how pool needles kitchen sponges, pom poms, and shower curtain add the final touches.

DIY Details : craftymorning

7. Outdoor Play Space

Outdoor Play Space

A dedicated outdoor play space that’s totally free from all the dirt and mud from the yard, covering a levelled square of land with a nice and soft carpet. The wooden wall around the turf and little planters define the area with perfection.

DIY Details : sweetlilyou

8. The Old Boat Sand Pit

The Old Boat Sand Pit

Take the kiddos into a magical world that looks just like a frame from The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – a wooden boat disguised as a one-of-a-kind vintage sand pit, apt and appropriate to play pirates !

DIY Details : twolittlepirates

9. Art + Outdoors = Artdoorsy

Art + Outdoors = Artdoorsy

It’s a pretty cool idea to get the kids indulged in some outdoor artsy projects, blending creativity and play time together. That chalkboard installed on the garden fence has been rightly clubbed with a hanging chalk bucket.

DIY Details : projectdenneler

10. Build a Green Bean Tepee

Build a Green Bean Tepee

Highly long-lasting and strong plastic covered steel stakes form the perfect frame for the green bean tepee with poles placed into large terra cot pots that are spray painted in a bright green coat.

DIY Details : happinessishomemade

11. Make a Music Wall

Make a Music Wall

Let your innovation loose and grab household items that can make a great sound when rubbed, plucked, or struck. All you need to do is fix them to the fence, ending up with your kid’s very Music Wall.

DIY Details : prekandksharing

12. Pallets + Logs = Teepee

Pallets Logs Teepee

Encourage your little adventurer’s natural flow of play by integrating this fluid, rustic and child-friendly habitat into your backyard. The teepee sports wooden pallets fixed on logs installed in a pyramid fashion.

DIY Details : 1001pallets

13. Biking Ramp

Biking Ramp

A homemade ramp built using wooden pallets makes those bike riding experiences challenge-loaded for the kids, whether it’s cycling up the ramp, keeping safe from the edge, taking turns or staying straight.

DIY Details : swiftlymorgan

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