25 Neon Signs For Edgy Wedding Decor

Neon is making a huge comeback! Neon signs and decorations are super trendy for weddings right now, they bring an edgy feel to boho, modern, minimalist and many other wedding styles. They can be used in various ways and for accenting various zones, you may go for bold red, blue, green, pink and other colors, try various quotes that characterize you as a couple and this way personalize your wedding ceremony and reception space. Take a look at the ideas!
Neon Wedding Ceremony Space Décor
Neon signs and decorations are very popular for wedding ceremony spaces, these can be monograms, various quotes and words about love, and the color is totally up to you and your wedding style. Neon signs can be easily paired with any greenery, blooms, grasses and fronds, so your altar, backdrop or arch can look in different ways. You may attach them to the wall for creating a backdrop or, if you have an arch, the sign can be hung to the arch itself. Play with colors for more contrast – try not only pink or red but also white or blue if they fit the space.
Neon Wedding Reception Space Décor
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