Must-Try Rustic Wall Decor Ideas Featuring The Most Amazing Intended Imperfections

1. Mirrors Can be All Rustic

Mirrors Can be All Rustic

Head to the thrift store and purchase 3 simple, super cheap mirrors that not only look absolutely worn out but also old and rustic, making sure that they are all frame-less. How you can convert them into a gorgeous decoration for the home is by gluing them to plywood and trimming them out. Further, you need to stain them dark walnut and lighten them up a bit with the help of some Rust-Oleum Chalked paint in shades of linen white. Lastly, all you need to do is to sand them down a bunch to make sure everything looks exactly like you dream of. For bringing out a bit extra prettiness, add a gorgeous wreath on the top and hang it on the mirrors with the help of a contrasting ribbon bow.

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2. Combine Small Frames Together

Combine Small Frames Together

The four different photo frames that have been strategically and cleverly put together, each one occupying a spot on one of the four edges of a single frame prove themselves to be the most elegant and chic accent pieces, making the subtle nature of the installment climb heights of style. And the base frame that is also the largest of all sports a roughly done white paint, playing the role of connecting the individual pictures with each other. And that great pop of color brought by the staining performed on the smaller frames where browns are given more emphasis makes the group look even more adorable with that oil painting in the middle.

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3. Mis-Matched Picture Frames

Mis-Matched Picture Frames

Lots of frames that don’t just go with each other at all, not only in terms of their sizes, looks, colors and essence when put together on one single wall with a grey or white tone are going to surprise you the core with the kind of appeal they end up bringing out. The secret in fact, is their mis-matched nature and that combination of black and white that makes them look absolutely rustic yet breathtakingly picturesque. What makes them a lot more special is that arrow at the bottom that sports your initials and the year in which you got all the pictures showcased above taken, or simply the most special year of your life – the author here has mentioned the year when she got married. Underneath the decor lies a pretty home-painted desk adorned with a few planters, vases and even more frames!

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4. Hanging Mason Jar Sconces with Hydrangeas

Hanging Mason Jar Sconces with Hydrangeas

No matter what’s the theme or kind of decor you are looking for, mason jars have established themselves as a must-have ingredients to just about any decor lists you will find on the internet. Here’s yet another inspiration having mason jars as its building blocks – wall sconces that come with a luxurious glow, brightening up a dark corner at its best. To suspend these versatile sconces on the wall, these have got simple pieces of wood plank attached to the mason jars with the help of some iron hooks. The textures and colors all go hand in hand with each other, wherein white fairy lights look so perfect with those pretty ivory hydrangea, getting the final touches with some twine. Surely, these are going to work as the most amazingly rustic handcrafted accents to your space.

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5. Artistic Gallery Wall

Artistic Gallery Wall

Nothing can incorporate the idea of rustic to your decoration better than a thoughtful expression of words framed in a wooden border, accompanied by a handy shelf placed right in the middle of a wall sporting a stained and distressed appearance. What you put on the shelf is some large glass vases adorned with light shades of flowers, a few handmade rustic baskets, and lastly, a wooden frame with stained imperfections that has got a beautiful wreath in the middle made entirely out of white flora. The worn quality of each of the elements of the decor results in a cohesive, out of the box gallery wall, and it’s really not difficult to bring this trendy concept to life on your very own.

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6. DIY Wooden Arrows

DIY Wooden Arrows

It’s not always essential that a decor item around the house also needs to serve some function – sometimes all you need is a touch of beauty taking the overall furnishings to new levels of magic all together. And these Wooden Arrows prove themselves to be a perfect example of the statement. Sporting a chevron pattern having the upward peaks of the chevrons draw the eye up and grab all the attention to the point of your desire, these arrows make a sure-shot mark with the interesting texture they come with, highlighted even more with the colors of the piece that blend a variety of wooden shades together, including dark staining, greys, and of course, browns. This is all you need to bid farewell to a eyesoring emptiness of any large room.

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7. EAT Sign – Wooden Letters

EAT Sign - Wooden Letters

Another great something that can introduce an unconventional and truly elegant rustic look to your home walls is a gorgeous done Typography. A few innovative words of love or your favorite phrases can add so much more personalization to your space, and make sure that the whole ambiance seems to be oh so welcoming and warmth-filled. What you need to take care of is the kind of material you are going for the construction, the size of the letters, and lastly, the spot of placement for your DIY job. Some lovely imperfections sported by these letter of natural wood, saying EAT make it the most amazing wall art with a unique rustiness to it, while some creative staining makes them long-lasting as well as even more eye-pleasing.

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