25 Murphy Beds To Save Space In Small Homes

If you have a small home with literally no space for a normal bed and you still don’t want to sleep on a couch or create a loft bedroom, if you need a guest sleeping space but you don’t have enough room for that, there’s a way – make a Murphy bed!
A Murphy bed is a bed that folds out of a wall or cabinet to provide you with extra space in your bedroom. Around the turn of the 20th century, William L. Murphy designed a bed that would fold neatly into a closet, inspired by the lack of space in his small studio apartment (though, some sources suggest a more provocative reason). He went on to found the Murphy Wall Bed Company, patenting his product in 1911. The good thing is that you may hide such a bed in any room, in any space and make it look hidden easily, so when you’re not sleeping in the bed, you can tuck it away to give yourself more floor space.

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