25 Modern Decks That Invite And Inspire

If you have a deck and don’t know how to decorate it or wanna renovate it a bit, go modern! Modern style, modern paired up with contemporary or minimalist styles is always a good choice to rock and it will look timeless and elegant but not excessive. So, how to give your deck an ultra-modern look? Here are some ideas.
Colors And Materials
Modern style supposes going for a monochromatic color scheme: black, greys, white and neutrals, you can try various amounts of black or white to make the space look as you want. Don’t forget to add natural wood, plywood and woven elements that will cozy up the space and make it more welcoming. Such a color scheme may seem dull but still you can give it a cool and catchy look with textures. Go for various kinds of metals in black and white, concrete and even stone if you feel like it.

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