Curb Appeal Ideas

1. Front Door Face-lift

Front Door Face-lift

Instead of replacing the door to make the entrance appear brand new all over again, you might consider a basic painting and molding job to get it all done, while cutting on the cost simultaneously.

DIY Details : meandjilly

2. Air Conditioner Hideout

Air Conditioner Hideout

Enhance the visual appeal of the space by getting that air conditioner hampering the aesthetics out of sight. Go for a large bushy plant or a little lattice fence installed around the appliance.

DIY Details : spiralsandspatulas

3. House Number Display

House Number Display

It perhaps, can’t get a greener and prettier house number display than these galvanized buckets transformed into gorgeous planters. A circle in white paint with black dotted border forms the backdrop for the digits.

DIY Details : mywonderfullymade

4. Slate Tile Porch

Slate Tile Porch

If your front porch is lacking that special charm, slate tiles can work just like magic to restore that welcoming warmth. What’s more chic is the tile’s color with brick and blue siding.

DIY Details : decorandthedog

5. Pergola Touching Wine

Pergola Touching Wine

If you are ready to put a couple years into this stunning making garage door, then the kind of beauty that this wine reaching the pergola can bring out is simply untouchable.

DIY Details : laurries

6. DIY Address Post

DIY Address Post

Isn’t it one heck of an address post with that hanging post planter adorned with lovely flowers? You also need your address numbers, stain, white paint, lumber, solar light cap, and concrete.

DIY Details : hellofarmhouse

7. Brick Edging for Flower Beds

Brick Edging for Flower Beds

Prevent mulch or decorative stones in your flower bed coming into the lawn with an attractive brick edging calling for concrete pavers, sand, some garden tools, rubber mallet, paint brush and bucket.

DIY Details : gardeenworld

8. DIY Vertical Wall Planter

DIY Vertical Wall Planter

Even the simplest of front porches would rock when clubbed with this vertical wall planter built on a sheet of pressure treated lattice. The lovely pansies in galvanized planters are oh so heartwarming.

DIY Details : cape27blog

9. Front Porch Planter With Gold Dipped Legs

Front Porch Planter With Gold Dipped Legs

Constructed entirely out of wooden boards, this gorgeous front porch planter painted in solid coats of whites gets its honorary touches of glamour with the four legs dipped in a bright gold spray paint.

DIY Details : home-heart-and-hands

10. Faux Carriage Garage Door

Faux Carriage Garage Door

Here’s a lovely makeover given to an ordinary garage door brought to life using an affordable package of decorative garage door hardware from Home Depot. Faux windows on the top make it even more appealing.

DIY Details : apinterestaddict

11. Front Maple Tree Landscaping Make-over

Front Maple Tree Landscaping Make-over

If that large tree in your yard having a bunch of memories associated with it seems to be a heaving out of a ground over the years, it deserves a good makeover, just like this retaining wall around itself.

DIY Details : grandmaagnesattic

12. Pathway Landscaping

Pathway Landscaping

A stunning take on front door pathways, this cute and clever landscaping doesn’t serve the purpose of walking over, but looks splendid with large pebbles lining the edges and the bottoms of the water-filled route.

DIY Details : gardeningfortoday

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