25 Lovely Pink Living Room Decor Ideas

Pink is a cute and lovely color, it is thought to have a calming effect and is often associated with love and romance. Why not incorporate such a cool color into your home decor? Today we’ll discuss how to bring pink to your living room, which is a very non-traditional idea that is sure to make your living room stand out.
Color Schemes
There are various shades of pink and you can play with them choosing what you love. Pink goes well with neutrals, no matter if they are soft or crispy ones. It will look nice with greys and black for drama, it can be paired with vibrant colors like orange, purple and emerald for creating really bold spaces. Some touches of gold and brass will make your living room more refined and chic, so don’t forget them, too. Pink can also bring texture if you use pink wallpaper, velvet, faux fur, leather and even plaster, so your space will look much catchier and more interesting.
Pink easily matches any decor style you are going to use, from farmhouse to minimalist as there are many ways to add this color to your space.

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