25 Large Round Mirrors For An Edgy Touch

Curves and organic shapes are among home decor trends of this year and they are here to stay. You can see them in everything edgy: architectural arcs, details in furniture like armchairs, sofas, mirrors and bathtubs. Organic, less angular shapes can add a welcome softness to any space, so investing in a curved sofa or a round chandelier adds an unexpected and welcoming element.  Keep an eye out for large, round mirrors that are number one curved element loved by everyone – such a decor piece is easy to incorporate into many rooms and decor styles.
A large round mirror will make a room feel bigger, no matter how small or dark, it will transform any room into an airy and bright space. Large round mirrors can be a statement piece in every room in the house, adding a stunning chic factor to entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms alike. The circular shape takes the mirror from functional to decorative, with a host of frame options, from sleek and chic to vintage and brassy.

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