25 Gorgeous Wedding Ballgowns To Make A Statement

Current wedding trends are all about going boho, relaxed and comfortable, the same can be said about wedding dresses. You can see a boho sheath wedding gown much more often than an A-line or princess-style one but every bride dreams of her own look despite any trends. Nothing will make you look more princess-like and even royal than a wedding ballgown. This is a great idea for more formal weddings and it also works if you wanna feel a real princess on your big day – even if you are hesitating, it’s classics that’s worth trying! There are not only vintage-inspired and formal dresses but also modern and even minimalist wedding ballgowns. I’ve prepared a whole bunch of beautiful ballgowns that will convince you to try such dresses, let’s start!
 Strapless Wedding Ballgowns
The most popular type of wedding ballgowns, and this is classics, is a strapless wedding ballgown. The bodice can be lace, embellished, draped or plain, and the skirt is usually contrasting – it’s usually plainer. You may find very romantic options with much lace and embellishments and also very modern and even minimalist ones – of plain fabric and maybe with a pleated skirt – no other…

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