25 Eye-Catchy Herringbone Backsplashes For Any Kitchen

A kitchen backsplash is a piece that saves your walls from dirt and splashes and also gives interest and catchiness to the kitchen highlighting its style. There are brick, hex, subway and many other tile backsplashes, glass and metal backsplashes and many other options to realize but today we’ll take a closer look at tiles but not just tiles – herringbone tile backsplashes. Herringbone pattern is perhaps one of the most timeless things you may try for your kitchen, yes, it’s perhaps not a big trend not but it’s classics!
What Are Advantages Of A Herringbone Backsplash?
A herringbone backsplash will bring more interest and pattern to your kitchen and will easily fit many styles: modern, farmhouse, contemporary, Scandinavian and so on. Herringbone backsplashes can also bring texture if you take cement tiles, for example, or glossy ones. Let’s find out what types of tiles will fit such a backsplash in details.

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