25 Easy Ways To Brighten Up A Moody Space

Though most people prefer bright and open spaces, dark and moody decor is very popular now. But even choosing a dark color scheme, it’s better to balance and brighten up your room somehow, otherwise the area will look dim and oppressive. Need some ideas to brighten up your space? Here they are!
Add Color
Nothing can be better to brighten up a dark room than adding other colors and shades here. You can paint the walls, use large-scale artworks, rugs, decor, throws, blankets and much more. Dark furniture feels and looks heavy, and too much of it will make your room even more depressive than before. To brighten a dark room, opt for lighter colored, more lightweight looking pieces. Try accent pillows and throws in different colors before you invest in larger pieces, so you’ll know if you like this color in the room or not.
The best colors to make your space feel fresher is white, metallics, lavender, neutrals or even bright pops of color like green or orange.

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