25 Delicious Vegan Wedding Food Ideas

We continue sharing ideas for those of you who are vegans. You may see some sustainable wedding ideas, vegan wedding cakes and vegan appetizers and today I decided to share some ideas on vegan dishes that you can include into your wedding menu. Ready to see those delicious ideas? Let’s start!
There are many options of vegan salads, from very light and refreshing suitable for spring and summer weddings to hearty ones for fall and winter weddings. If you wanna go fresh, think of grapes, avocado, peaches, quinoa, fennel, asparagus and some fruits, of light dressings with olive oil and Dijon mustard. If you want a hearty salad, your way to go is potato salad, and it can be very different. You can go for spinach, saffron, various kinds of cabbage and greenery, radishes and many other ingredients and dressings, it depends on your taste and the season when you are having your wedding. Mushroom salads are very hearty, too, and a mushroom salad with lentils, caramelized onions, crunchy pine nuts and stuff like that will leave everyone happy.

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