25 Creative IKEA Ribba Ledge Ideas For Your Home

IKEA Ribba ledges are perfect for our homes – besides being great for creating gallery walls, they can be also used for other things, for storing and organizing. Wanna see some examples? Scroll down!
IKEA Ribba Gallery Walls
Ribba ledges are originally created for making gallery walls in your home, and they come in several colors, so you may choose what fits your home. Why creating a gallery wall with ledges? Cause it’s easily transformable anytime, the changes are very easy to make and it’s a good idea for renters. If you like changing your gallery wall, if you don’t have all the pieces you wanna see here, it’s perfect for you. Don’t have a proper color of Ribba ledges? Create it yourself painting them! Amore modern way to go is to match the color of ledges and the wall to make the look seamless and the artworks will seem floating in the air.

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