25 Cozy Scandinavian Kitchens That Invite In

If you love hygge and monochrome, if you enjoy simple decor and don’t like everything excessive, Scandinavian style is the answer! Scandinavian decor is laconic and airy, it’s monochromatic and cozy, it’s filled with light even if the day isn’t sunny. Want to create such beauty in your home? I have some ideas to inspire you!
A Scandinavian kitchen is usually done in monochromatic color schemes with black, white and grey plus some neutral and light wood stains. If that seems boring to you, you can go creative rocking various shades of grey, make a statement with a contrasting black and white kitchen or create a very clean and airy space of only white and light neutrals. Go for cool textures provided by wooden cabinetry, marble and stone backsplashes, concrete and wooden countertops, and your kitchen won’t look boring at all. You may also incorporate one or two bright accents, that is non-typical for a Nordic space but will give it a character and personalize it a lot.

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