25 Cheerful Mediterranean Terraces And Patios

Choosing a new style and décor to refresh your outdoor space? Pay your attention to Mediterranean décor, which means that special and inspiring Mediterranean feel, natural materials in décor, bright colors and patterns that contrast natural or neutral walls and items. Let’s take a closer look at such spaces to find out how to recreate this style in your outdoor space.
Mediterranean style is about being natural and only natural – go for stone walls if possible or substitute them with concrete for a more modern feel. Concrete furniture and walls will be also a nice idea but if they feel too cold to sit on or touch, you can always prefer rattan, wicker, wood and other materials like that. White plaster walls will give a more Spanish and sea-inspired feel to your terrace, which is great if the sea is somewhere nearby. Jute ottomans, rugs, floor cushions are a must for a cool and cozy feel. Add a woven or wooden roof or just some wooden beams to escape from excessive sunlight.

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