25 Charming Spanish Home Decor Ideas

Spanish home decor is unique and striking in its rustic style and simplicity, it’s often recreated across the world or its touches are added here and there because it’s so warming up and beautiful. How to achieve such a look and feel in your home, too? Here are some ideas.
Colors And Patterns
White is a fantastic backdrop color as it gives you a blank canvas to be creative. It lightens and visually extends the room, feels clean, and neutralizes the bold warm colors. It also helps your color accents stand out and not be lost in a sea of contrast and clashing tones. If not kept bare, walls can also be plastered with a smooth or uneven finish, then painted white to give homeowners that blank canvas.
Spanish home design includes plenty of warmer colors, such as burnt oranges, terracotta, and red toned browns. They are used to make the room feel cozier and to reflect the pleasant outdoor climate. To prevent the room from feeling too stuffy and small, make sure you balance out your warmer colors with a neutral background – those white walls that we’ve just mentioned.
You’ll often see plenty of pattern added to Spanish home décor in…

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