25 Bold Eclectic Bedroom Décor Ideas

What does eclectic décor mean? It means a space with no rules, where old meets new, stripes meet animal prints, neutrals meet brights, and everything you wanna include into décor is possible and welcome! Of course, you can’t just mix up everything and some common threads are necessary to create cool design, and today’s roundup will help you to make your bedroom stylishly eclectic.
Mixing Colors
Eclectic shouldn’t be extremely bright as it will be tasteless, besides a bedroom should be a bit calmer to let you sleep comfortably. If you love brights, keep the walls and flooring neutral to avoid sensory overload – a no-no in the bedroom. Mix and match your palette to your heart’s content, but spread your primary colors throughout the room – for example, the bedroom shown here uses hot pink on the bed and in each piece of artwork, while the bench, light fixture and artwork show off golden yellow.

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