Hairstyles For Little Girls

1. Minnie Mouse Hair

Minnie Mouse Hair

That perfect bow flaunted by your kiddo’s favorite lady cartoon character would look equally adorable on her very own hair. The key is to divide a bun in half and twist a part on the middle.

Style Details : lilyshop

2. French Braid Bun

French Braid Bun

Clubbing a side french braid with a regular ponytail in the middle of the head has never been so adventurous before! And how the final braid has been rolled up into a bun is simply magnificent.

Style Details : hairstyles-haircuts

3. Frozen Hairstyle Step By Step

Frozen Hairstyle Step By Step

Inspired by the gorgeous Disney princess, Elsa, this Frozen hairstyle goes magically well with medium to long lengths of hair. What you need includes a few bobby pins, an elastic, and a ribbon.

Style Details : thewhoot

4. 5 Princess Hairdos in 5 Minutes or Less

5 Princess Hairdos in 5 Minutes or Less

Some of the most amazing princess hairdos are just a deal of 5 minutes. And that’s exactly what has been shown in this guide putting together hairstyles inspired by Minnie Mouse bun, Cinderella, Elsa, Belle and Anna.

Style Details : getawaytoday

5. The Knotted Headband

Those gorgeous headbands crafted out of natural tresses are always a super cool and elegant idea to pull off. Sporting repeated knots beginning from the side parting to the ear, this one is sure-shot prettiness.

Style Details : Cute Girls Hairstyles

6. Princess Crown Braid

Princess Crown Braid

No matter what’s the hair length, a princess crown braid rocks the look every single time. The secret lies in doing a French braid following the natural round of the head.

Style Details : cupofjo

7. Skip a Beat Braid

Skip a Beat Braid

Grab a section of the hair, further plaiting the top, braiding down and adding in after skipping a front braid to work out the lovely Skip a Beat Braid. Curl the remaining hair for the final touches.

Style Details : shedoeshair

8. Triple Buns

Triple Buns

If your baby girl’s tresses are long enough to make three high ponytails, you are all set to transform each of the tail into a gorgeous bun by looping the ends and pulling the buns a little to cover the elastics.

Style Details : shedoeshair

9. Flower Hair Bun with Weaved Ribbon

Having a beautiful ribbon woven in the hair in a way that it forms a stunning circumference for a super easy hair bun and sports a bow at the bottom, this hairdo looks quite like an actual flower.

Style Details : Measured by the Heart

10. Rolled Braided Flower

Rolled Braided Flower

Three braids with different thickness when folded in a circular pattern create the appearance of three pretty flower headbands that look even more amazing when the rest of the hair are kept down.

Style Details : cute2tryhairdos

11. Lace Braid Headband

Lace Braid Headband

As simple and quick to pull off as it is stunning to look at, lace braids make sure you keep the hair down in back and keep it out of your girl’s eyes. All you need to do is keep adding hair on every knot.

Style Details : babesinhairland

12. Water Fall Braids

Water Fall Braids

Show off those long locks of your pretty young lady with two water fall braids beautifully uniting at the back of the head. That whimsical essence of these braids makes them absolutely adorable.

Style Details : girlydohairstyles

13. Princess Pentagon

Princess Pentagon

Diving the hair into 5 sections to create pentagonal-shaped partings, this hairdo combines 2 ponytails from each of the sections by adding them to the tail in the center, further ending up in a messy bun!

Style Details : princesspiggies

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