DIY Sandbox Ideas

1. Repurposed Tent Sandbox

Repurposed Tent Sandbox

A shady spot to play! Repurpose a tent into a cool zip-and-close sandbox that can keep the pets out. Throw in lots of sand, plus bright-colored buckets and shovels.

DIY Details : coconutxoxo

2. Tire Sandbox

Tire Sandbox

Planning to build a medium-sized sandbox at a shoestring budget? Put an old tractor tire to amazing use, painting it in a bright shade and lining the inner edges with pool needles.

DIY Details : iheartnaptime

3. DIY Sand Table

DIY Sand Table

Similar to a deck with a frame and decking attached, this DIY Sand Table that has been lined with a naugahyde to make it capable of holding water too.

DIY Details : prodigalpieces

4. DIY Toddler Sand Table

DIY Toddler Sand Table

A low-height sand or water table for the toddlers calls for a wooden frame that fits a concrete mixing tray with triangles bracing the box and legs holding the structure up.

DIY Details : boxycolonial

5. Picnic Table and Sandbox Combo

Picnic Table and Sandbox Combo

Not just a regular sandbox, this piece of creativity also doubles up as a picnic table with benches attached to the box that you can carry along or even keep indoors.

DIY Details : diyprojects.ideas2live4

6. Color Block Sandbox

Color Block Sandbox

An absolutely gorgeous makeover is given to a plain wooden bookcase and its pieces are reassembled to yield a cool sandbox with a neat color block pattern brought by spray painting.

DIY Details : thehomesihavemade

7. DIY Wood Sandbox Tutorial

DIY Wood Sandbox Tutorial

This super huge sandbox built using 16 rustic landscape timbers would bring a piece of the beach right to your backyard. A framing square helps to kickstart the project.

DIY Details : kenarry

8. Striped Backyard Sandbox

Striped Backyard Sandbox

All about candy shades, this sandbox is adorned with colorful stripes and sitting benches. The bottom is wooden slats and PVC pipes in corners hold a beach umbrella.

DIY Details : madeeveryday

9. How To Build a Sandbox

How To Build a Sandbox

Another name for fantastic designing, this sandbox features a comfortable seating around the perimeter constructed with lots of wooden boards in no more than 5-7 hours.

DIY Details : kaboom

10. Build a Sandbox with Seats

Build a Sandbox with Seats

This super large, 6 X 8 feet bright red sandbox features wooden boards laid on top of a box frame in an horizontal fashion for the seats. Sanding and painting adds the finishing touches.

DIY Details : doverprojects

11. New Improved Sandbox

New Improved Sandbox

An old worn-out sandbox turns from waste to super purposeful by cleaning up the wood and putting it back together. Further, some 2 x 10’s are fitted on top to form comfy seat.

DIY Details : ourfamilyunit

12. Deluxe DIY Sandbox

Deluxe DIY Sandbox

If you are looking for a sandbox that ensures years and years of playtime for your kiddos – get crafting this ultra-durable, long-lasting foldable construction of salvaged lumber.

DIY Details : smallfriendly

13. DIY Sandbox With Cover

DIY Sandbox With Cover

A pretty-printed UV protection cover on top of this sandbox will keep the kiddos safe from bright sunlight while they build their mini houses of sand. Add some charm with a chalkboard sign.

DIY Details : designdininganddiapers

14. Covered Sandbox

Covered Sandbox

No matter if it’s raining heavy or the sun shines bright, the kiddos won’t have to compromise on playtime -thanks to this deluxe sandbox sporting a plywood roof and corner seats.

DIY Details : diynetwork

15. Teepee Sandbox

Teepee Sandbox

You are going to adore this teepee design for the sandbox providing a shady spot to play. You can build the teepee frame with wooden dowels, bamboos or thin boards.

DIY Details : apartmenttherapy

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