24 Trendiest Bridal Headpieces For A Bit Of Edge

Trends for bridal headpieces change very often, while hair vines, floral crowns and contrasting hats are timeless, yet there are hotter and trendier bridal accessories for now. We’ve gathered the hottest bridal crowns and tiaras that will add a bit of edge to your bridal look and will make it completely unforgettable, take a look!
Sunburst Tiaras
A sunburst tiara is a super hot trend, and you may often see it on edgy modern brides. It can be of various sizes: smaller, average or extra large, and all the eyes will be on you. Such a tiara can be made of various shades of metals – from silver to brass depending on the look you want. The tiara may feature various additional embellishments: stars, glitter spikes, crystal spikes and other stuff according to your bridal look. You may wear it with a veil or without any. A sunburst tiara will fit many bridal looks: boho, glam, modern, minimalist, refined and many others.

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