24 Simple IKEA Stuva Hacks For Your Home

IKEA Stuva are stylish yet plain furniture items that are aimed mostly at kids’ spaces but of course you can hack them and use them in any way you like. You can integrate your Stuva items into entryways, bedrooms, home offices and living rooms and everywhere else – but first hack them to fit these spaces. Need some ideas? Here they are!
Stuva For Kids’ Rooms
As Stuva collection is aimed at kids’ spaces, it will be natural to use it there. You can create various combos of storage units, desks, beds and other things painting and stenciling them or just choosing proper bold colors that your kids will love. A black and white combo is a timeless thing, which is ideal for a Scandinavian or minimalist space, while colorful pieces will be loved by most of kids. Stuva features much storage space, which looks very neat at the same time, and this is exactly what we want for a kid’s room.

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