24 Magical Vintage Christmas Decorations You Need This Year

Want to make your Holiday decor even more unique? Add some of these vintage Christmas decorations to bring festive magic to your home.

If there’s one way to make Christmas decor more unique, it’s using the vintage decorations. We’ve seen vintage items everywhere in home decor in recent years. They’re being used to add character and personality to interiors. And the Holiday season can benefit from it greatly.

Vintage decorations will bring a lot of nostalgic sentiments and add substance to your Christmas tree decorations, mantel vignettes and all around the house. Even if you add just one item, it can quickly become the star of your entire decor. So check out these 24 magical ideas and consider adding something like that to your festive home.

Vintage Christmas Books

Vintage Christmas Books #christmasdecor

There may be no other sentimental way as decorating with vintage Christmas books. They give that warm nostalgic feeling of days gone by when everything was much simpler. Not to mention, vintage books usually are well designed and are trendy as we see more and more vintage items used in modern decor.

Mini Vintage Christmas Village Decoration

Mini Vintage Christmas Village Decoration #christmasdecor

Christmas villages are so cute as decorations. And they are even cuter in the vintage style. Create one in your home on a fireplace mantel or under the Christmas tree for some magical mood.

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments #christmastree

There are so many Christmas tree ornaments in so many styles. But there are few as heartfelt as the vintage ornaments. They add substance to the tree decor and create a wonderful Holiday spirit.

Vintage Wooden Horse Christmas Ornaments

Vintage Wooden Horse Christmas Ornaments #christmasdecor

You know, a wooden horse was one of the favorite gifts to kids back in old days. Or at least that’s what we see in the movies. Whatever the case, they are wonderful as Christmas ornaments.

Vintage Train Christmas Decoration

A tiny Christmas train is another great vintage decoration for your choice.…

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